phim Barbie Allusion to the original story '' three musketeers '' to búp bê barbie and the three musketeers

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- While speaking to Treville, Corinne says her father's name is D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan is the one of the protagonists in the original novel

- Like the hot-blooded D'Artagnan, Corinne is shown as a brave and feisty young woman who gets angry when people tell her that girls can’t be Musketeers.

- Alexander, Corinne's horse, is a nod to the author of the Three Musketeers novel, Alexandre Dumas.

- When the other girls invited Corinne to stay with them, Viveca mentions that their former roommate was Constance. In the novel, Constance Bonacieux is the woman that D'Artagnan falls in love with.

- One of the guests at the masquerade ball is introduced as the Countess De Winter, who was one of the antagonists from the original story.

- Monsieur Treville, the captain of the Musketeers in the film, is named after the captain in the original story, Monsieur de Treville.

- The part when Corinne accidentally falls on each of three girls and makes them angry is similar to the part in the novel when D'Artagnan accidentally ends up falling into each of the Musketeers and making them challenge him to the duel.

- Corinne’s hometown is Gascony, which is the name of D’Artagnan’s family estate in the novel.

- Prince Louis is named after King Louis XIII from the novel.

- Tim Curry, who voices Philippe in the film, also played the villainous Cardinal Richelieu in the 1993 Disney version of The Three Musketeers. The film also stars Charlie Sheen as Aramis, Kiefer Sutherland as Athos, Oliver Platt as Porthos and Chris O'Donnell as D'Artagnan.

- The famous fleur-de-lis, which was branded on the villainess Milady de Winter in the story, is on the fronts of the tunics worn by the Musketeers in the film.

- Aramina appears to be named after Aramis, another protagonist from the novel.

- However, Aramis' first name was Rene, so Renee appears to have been named after him, too.

- Paris, which is France’s capital city and the center location of the original story, is also the location for the film

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 - While speaking to Treville, Corinne says her father's name is D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan is the one of
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