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Lorinna posted on Sep 09, 2010 at 01:07AM
Hi! Well, Fashion fairytale is in Internet now, on Youtube, and on TPB, and in more places too. And many of us already watched it. I suggest to write here: how do you like this movie? What is good in rebrending you see, and what isn't good- you can write your reviews here.
And yes; I don't want to see in this forum short comments as "cool", "great", "I like it". If you know English not so good, you can write "I like this movie, because..."/"I dislike this movie, because...". Good luck!
My review coming later. Your Lorinna/ Lolita.

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hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
I wrote a longer review on LJ, but I can probably say what I liked and didn't like;

Liked: Great characters, for the most part; very few attempts to be "relevent" like there were in Mermaid Tale, a strong and interesting story and some of the best opening credits I've seen in this movie.

Honestly, the only part I can honestly say I didn't liked was all the stuff about her "acting". Okay, it wasn't as bad as I thought; the scene on set was funny and it's nice to see Barbie and I agree about "hip" things like zombie peas. But everything after that just seemed so forced, like Mattel were trying to appeal to a new audience or something. And the end was really, really up in the air. "I'll consider it"? At least that means she might start acting in princess movies again, but that whole thing just seemed like company interfearance (and the fact it's not mentioned in the story books seems to prove that), so I'd have cut most of it.
hơn một năm qua BarbieRosella said…
big smile
It was... MAGICAL! I watch the movie right now for the second time! The opening is like, the best credits ever made! All the songs that I never heard is totally awesome! I like the way the story is moving, like when Ken is trying to get to Barbie in Paris. I will enumerate my fave parts!

- Opening Credits
- The scene in the trailer
- The airplane part
- When Ken is talking to Raquelle then, Teresa and Grace is mad
- Barbie arrives in Paris
- Alecia's Secret (You know, the attic scene)
- Introducing the Flairies!
- All the scene when Ken is trying to get to Paris
- The fashion Show
- End credits + scenes!
hơn một năm qua Lorinna said…
Yes, Abbey, I read your review in LJ and very content by it. And this zombie peas are part of rebrending. Barbie as Princess with pea said right: I can't remember zombie peas in original story!
BarbieRosella, I see, you like all into the movie! I think, this movie is great, and modern movies can be beautiful!
This is my little review:
I'm very satisfied for this movie. In it shows Barbie's real life, as simple girl with cellphone, notebook, two true friends and one rival Raquelle. Also, I like French characters in this movie, as Marie-Alecia. Here is list of good things in this movie, for me.
-Barbie's life behind the scenes. Here she isn't magical fairy or princess, just simple girl. For me, this isn't bad;
-Hints for previous movies, as Barbie in a Mermaid tale;
-Teresa's character. She looks like more on MyScene's character Nolee, with interest to UFO;
-Grace's character. She is first S.I.S. character, who appears in Barbie movie;
-Ken's character. He looks like on a glam boy, but his jokes is good, and his pants is also good XDDDD;
-Aunt Millicent's character. AFAIR, she is first and only old woman in Barbie movies, who likes sport and parcour 0_0;
-Alecia's character. She is so cute! lol;
-Jilliana's character. It's only for me, that she looks like on Serafina with horrible character?;
-Delphine's character. I like antagonist's funny sidecicks, also, her quote "You/they/he/she/I/everyone is/are so cuuute!!";
-Paris's beautiful views;
-Good work under second plane people, not as in Mermaid tale;
-Glim'R's transformation magic; also, other Flairies are cute too!;
-Bloopers, musical videos, "Black'n'White'n'Pink" party in the end credits; Alecia dances with Fashion show DJ;
-Hint on Fairy secret WITHOUT Diana, but with Kelly (for me, Diana is real world Barbie, and Kelly is another Barbie roles, include MyScene and Barbie Diaries XD).
I think, better list to things, what I dislike, than things I like!
-Zombie peas;
-Jacqueline's hairstyle;
-Jacqueline's models.
So, now I see, than for true Barbie movies fans Fashion fairytale isn't so bad, as we think earlier. I hope, FS (Fairy secret) will be not worse, than FF!
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hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
I agree with this, although I still feel Barbie's normal role (which I liked) could've been done without the acting business.

I also wish the scenes at the party had been bigger.
hơn một năm qua faithinChrist said…
Ahhhh, so excited! Haven't seen it yet, on my way to pick up a copy!!!!
hơn một năm qua manu962 said…
I liked it because it is modern movie with fairytale and I like modern movies with fairytale
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hơn một năm qua SOUPerbird said…
big smile
i like it because it has taught my little sister and me the courge and it is a very good fairytale with a great ending, there is nothing bad about it and the characters are wonderfull and amazing,
hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
^I agree. There are some great lessons in there.
hơn một năm qua faithinChrist said…
Hmm, not my fav, but it was good. I loved the opening credits (so cute, the 'designing' going on!:), the princess and the pea scene (those zombie peas were pretty funny, i must admit), the inclusion of Raquel and Grace, the romance of Ken and Barbie, and very much the fashion show at the end!
Jacques the dog just....disturbed me. And the fact that Kelly wasn't there really irked me. But other than that, and the new style of animation, and the fact that it wasn't princess (yes i'm still a stick in the mud about that!:), it was good. So, 4****.

Oh, and I wish they hadn't shrunk the last little scenes!:)
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hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
Me too! I wanted to actually look at those scenes!

I liked the princess scene, too; didn't care for the bit about Barbie quitting her career, though. I don't think that'll ever sit right with me after Mattel's recent rebranding.
hơn một năm qua cynti19 said…
I like the movie, it's okay to me but... don't like the voice of Barbie in this movie.
hơn một năm qua Aquamarina said…
What I liked:
-Ken and how he tries to get to Barbie XD
-to see Barbie in her normal life
-Alecias style
-the music (kind of)
-the hints on previous movies
-that Barbie didn't want the Zombie peas
-that Barbie didn't whine very much about her lost career and love

What I didn't like:
-the fact that everyone was so damn SKINNY!!, especially the flairies
-the creepy laughing of some people...
-the glitterizer
-the cheesy transformed car, Barbies and Kens glittering clothes in the end -.-
-the speaking dogs (the cat was quite cool)
-the lack of suspense

So all in all, it's not very great, but not too bad either.
hơn một năm qua pulgaenana said…
the whole concept is great: you know how fairytales can happen in real life and I agree with MajorAbbey, the acting stuff was unnecesary, just not explain what is to hard to explain Mattel, it would be so much easier an entertaing to do not add that parts to the movie, is very hard (almost imposile) to change a kids idea about who is someone,for them Barbie is a princess/fairy/mermaid, but my litter sister still in shock because in everything in what she believes now is diferent, she told me this: "so Barbie isn't a princess, she acts like one. So Elina never exists?"
And I was like: *O* "no no no! Elina exists Elina exists!" *turn off the TV*
Also another thing that I didn't liked was that the perspective of the people was very distorted: if you are watching a fashion show and suddenly the dress in the runway has been completely changed after a huge sparkle, the first thing in what you think about is that something is wrong not that the dress is beautiful, you know what I mean?
Althoug the movie was great, much better that I was expected to be, I loved the outfits and even Barbie's new face isn't to bad after all... even I think she's pretty. The talking dogs where too much for me, I like the animals to talk between each other and ACT LIKE ANIMALS, but a dog that can desing and you don't take to the goverment to check it out? come on! the movie would be ok if they just let Jiliana alone...
Well.. my thoughts, now I will see a fairy secret(:
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hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
Pulgaenana - you've pretty much summed up exactly what I dislike so much about the acting stuff. It makes it look like the other characters never existed - not even in their own universe - and that gets on my nerves for reasons I've explained before.