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Lorinna posted on Aug 10, 2010 at 07:18AM
Now I understood one more thing. All fans of Barbie movies expecting A Mermaid tale look, having read an approximate description. When the movie came out, we were all disappointed and blamed Mattel that it stopped to shoot the new classic movies.
Now we read the approximate description of Fashion fairytale and immediately became disillusioned, thinking of new modern movies as Mermaid tale. But now you can look at images that I cut from the official video, and think: at first glance it may be pink glitter movie. But pink colour and sparkles- constant attribute of Barbie (Princess Sugarplum's dress will give an example). What if this pink cover conceals true friendship, love and magic, as in old Barbie movies?
I firmly understood, Fashion fairytale will be yet another classic movie and dispel your doubts!
If you disagree, wait for the movie (remain 34 days and few hours) or at least one more video, or trailer. And you will be imbued with the spirit of this movie, as I do!
Please forgive me, if I say something wrong. I'm just looking forward to this movie!
Your Lorinna / Lolita.
P.S. This video shot is amazing! I can't remember this scene in other movies as Three Musketeers or Mermaid tale. And you?
 Now I understood one thêm thing. All những người hâm mộ of búp bê barbie phim chiếu rạp expecting A Mermaid tale look, having read

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hơn một năm qua faithinChrist said…
After seeing the music video, I warmed up to the movie.
But I'm not quite ready to say it's going to be a new barbie classic.
Now don't get me wrong, It could be. Don't know because I haven't seen it. But while there may be friendship, love and magic, I'm still not sure. If the only problem is the constant battery of tons upon tons of pink sparkles, then could be a pretty decent movie. But if not....
Ok please don't start into me...I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS MOVIE. But I don't think it's going to be one of my favorites. It might, but I doubt it. I'm not a hater and yes, I am anticipating it. But I just don't think it will have the charm of the older ones.
That said, it looks very interesting and I do like the romance of Ken and long as it's not played up as just boyfriend/girlfriend careless relationship. The movie looks very romantic and that's something I've missed in the past few Bmovies. :) :) :)
hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
It's grown on me. It really has.
I think one of the main problems I had with this movie was in the first summary I read, where Barbie apparently gives up her acting career. I never liked the whole emphasis on her acting career - it took away the magic of the movies, in my opinion - and at the time, I thought it'd be Mattel's way of getting rid of the fairytales. Now I know that isn't their intention, I'm more inclined towards this movie.

That music video has definitely helped. The animation in that video looked a lot better than it did in that first trailer (but let's face it, it's not a good idea to judge a Barbie movie by the very first trailer. Remember Three Musketeers? That trailer was almost completely different to the actual movie, right down to the castle!). I saw plenty of things that I like in that trailer, and that's a good sign. The only thing I'm not too sure about is, as FaithinChrist put it, "the constant battery of tons upon tons of pink sparkles". Yeah, there's usually some sparkle in Barbie movies, but there just seems to be way more than usual.

I am certainly pleased to see Ken and some romance. Are they kissing in that picture? How long has it been since they kissed?

I'm not sure if I'm ready to call it a classic, though. I'll have to see it first. But it does have some potential.

(Besides, it certainly looks better than "Fairy Secret").
hơn một năm qua Lorinna said…
Oh, I really, really glad that your opinion about this movie is changing, guys!
I will answer you in order:
faithinChrist, judging from the first, not counting the trailer, video, this movie promises to show us precisely love, true friendship, intrigues and magic. I'm not sure that first impression may be wrong. So I'm very glad that you changed your opinion, thanks!
majorAbbey, you can see her in princess's dress on first link in our club. She isn't spy or someone else, she is princess! And I think, that Mattel wants to show us how Barbie plays the role exactly in her, Barbie movies. Maybe in the beginning, we will see a scene from "Diamond Castle" or another movie.
Yes, in first Three musketeers trailer everything was different from original movie. Girls looks different, and I want to say: in Fashion fairytale all be the same! (As Trista- Rosemonde- Viveca, and Alecia- Marie-Alecia and Millie- Millicent)
For me, lot of sparkles and glitter are good. What is better -gray movie with a perpetual rain, or bright pink with kilograms of glitter? I choose the second!
Oh, yes, this is a real kiss of loving each other. As I recall, the last real kiss we saw in "Rapunzel", and before that, in the "Nutcracker." We waited long enough to get now a new movie with a kiss!
And about "Fairy secret": so far we have only seen the cover of the book for children. As example -Major Mint in a book about the Nutcracker. In book and in movie two different Majors. We must wait for at least the first trailer, but it will happen after the release of Fashion fairytale. So we'll have to wait -"waiting is my best friend", as says my grandmother.
hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
I posted that last message JUST before I saw your link to that site, and I'm really not pleased with it. That's exactly what I was afraid they'd do. I'm not completely put off the movie - there's too much other interesting stuff in there - but I'm not pleased about that. Not pleased at all.

I will admit you have a point about "Fairy secret", but it's the description that bothers me more than the book itself.
hơn một năm qua Lorinna said…
Abbey, you don't like Barbie's Hollywood role in this movie? Hmmm, for my opinion, this is a fresh idea for Barbie movies!
hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
Well, like I said in my earlier post, I never cared for the emphasis on her "acting career" because I felt it detracted from the other movies. How good would "Princess and the Pauper" and "Nutcracker" be if Mattel just kept pointing out it was Barbie in a role? It would kind of ruin the story, in my opinion. There's something oddly depressing about all those kingdoms being just setpieces in their own universe.
hơn một năm qua Lorinna said…
I agree, that her acting career is a little distracting from the movie line. But I'm sure that about a Hollywood movie will be said a little, and the impression of movie will not be ruined by this. The idea of "the movie in the movie" is something new for all Barbie movies, but I think it's only for one movie.
I noticed that on the picture from the Brazilian site Barbie is wearing a Alexa's dress, not Liana's, as in the original. Blooper or a deliberate change from Mattel? We must see the movie. I can not wait! Too many questions and conjectures!
hơn một năm qua faithinChrist said…
I don't really mind the emphasis on her acting career. I can see your point, but that's never really crossed my mind. I mean, what about the movies where Barbie's telling a story to Kelly or Stacie? Those were sort of fantasies, stories of things that had happened long ago, and Kelly is imagining her older sister as the heroine of the story. That's kind of my take on it.
And just because a movie doesn't have tons of pink glitter and sparkles doesn't mean it would be gray and dull. Look at the Island Princess and the Princess and the Pauper. They weren't gray or bland at all, but they certainly weren't sparkle-soaked.
hơn một năm qua Lorinna said…
faithinChrist, I can answer you: of course, in the story of the Diamond castle, or Rapunzel, Kelly (or Stacy) could imagine her eldest sister in the role of the protagonist. But Fashion fairytale is different type of Barbie movie -modern, but magic in one bottle. I haven't met a designer who would be add to costumes glitter with help of sparkle fairies.
About movies colours: don't forget that the Princess and the Pauper was one of the first movies of Mattel, and the colours of this movie are ideal. Island princess has been focused on the bright colors of Ro's island and greenhouse in Antonio's palace. Dress of Luciana was not so bright, so the colors of this movie is not perfect, my opinion.
hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
Good call mentioning Island Princess; I think this and Nutcracker had the best colour scheme. It was bright, but not too bright and sparkly.

As for the acting career business; well, each to their own, I suppose. I never paid much attention to the scenes where she's telling the story, but I like your take on it a lot more than Mattel's "it's all acting" idea. Plus, and I know I may be looking into this a bit too much, but there's something I don't like about Barbie being fired from a princess-themed movie just as Mattel seem to be concentrating on more modern storylines. It just looks a bit fishy to me.
hơn một năm qua faithinChrist said…
Yes, I see your point. What if that's symbolic of Barbie being finished with Princess movies?

And I used the Island Princess because of that reason...I loved the colors. They were very bright and beautiful, but at the same time it wasn't overloaded with just one color (pink, for example) and it wasn't weighed down with sparkles. I also am sort of attached to the pastel colors used in Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and the Princess and the Pauper. I would say the first four Barbie movies, but Rapunzel had some slightly bolder colors. And then after Fairytopia, it seems that her schemes moved more and more towards bright, flashy colors.

But anyway, this isn't about color schemes. :) I got off on a rabbit trail and I'm sorry.

But yes, many good points have been made. FF looks to be much deeper than Mermaid Tale (I'm sorry, but in my opinion it was a pretty shallow movie.) From what little we have seen, it appears to have true friendship, romance, family, etc. But I'm going to wait until after it comes out to pass judgment as to whether or not it's a Classic. Personally, I think that the real Barbie classics are the ones that were made from....well, classics! For example...The Nutcracker, Swan Lake: Tchiacovsky's ballet (I'm pretty sure I misspelled that.) Princess and the Pauper: Take on Mark Twain's Prince and the Pauper. Rapunzel, 12 Dancing Princesses: Brothers' Grimm Fairy Tales. And the Three Musketeers, while I wouldn't exactly call it a 'timeless classic', was an excellent choice. Where did its inspiration come from? Alexandre Dumas' novel "The Three Musketeers." Even the Island Princess, which I dearly love, I couldn't truly call it a classic. It's got more elements I prefer in it, but it's more of the same-old-same-old. Not a tried-and-true CLASSIC.

So that's my take. I'm sorry if you don't agree, but hey-that's just my opinion.
hơn một năm qua Lorinna said…
faithinChrist, I agree with you about Fairytopia. Perhaps, in this movie the focus was on vivid colors of the world of fairies.
Barbie finished with princesses' movies? No way! Barbie as fairy and as modern girl can't live longer than 3-5 movies.
I completely agree that FF is much deeper than Mermaid tale (I expected more from this movie)
I also agree with the classic. Remember: in the early Barbie movies were included scenes from the ballet, classical music ... I even divide the movie Barbie in the categories for myself: classical, fairies' rhytms (for movies from the Fairytopia series), musicals. But how to classify Mermaid tale, I don't know.
hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
FaithinChrist; that's what I'm afraid of. Also, I think Island Princess has the best animation in any Barbie movie.

One of the reasons I'm giving Fashion Fairytale a chance is that it looks like it will be deeper than Mermaid Tale (which really disappointed me). And your idea about the classics is great. I think it might be because they have more source material to work with.