phim Barbie What do bạn think, what a movie will be next?

Lorinna posted on Aug 06, 2010 at 04:54AM
Hi! We all know (and this is the reason that we depressing) about two confirmed next Barbie movies: Barbie A Fashion Fairytale & Barbie A Fairy Secret. But what next?
I propose to write your suggestions here.
Perhaps I'll start the first.
I wouldn't want to see another modern fashion film a la Hannah Montana. This should be or something completely new, or sequel of any of the previous films. I was counting on a new Fairytopia movie, but remembered that there can be two movies with fairies in one year. Eh. Well all right.
Also, I want a protagonist's new name. I don't want another pair of Barbie and Ken, that I had enough. Perhaps in the new movie I would prefer to see the princess rather than a fairy or mermaid. That's all my requirements.
Please post your suggestions here, but don't need to discuss movies and just water them with dirt. This theme was created by me just for fun and for dreams. Your Lorinna / Lolita.

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