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braydenwest24 posted on Mar 02, 2016 at 09:47PM
Hello everyone!

I've been thinking about this for a long time. I'm sure all of you here have watched Secret Door or at least you know the plot.
Think about these questions!

How could a princess (Malucia) from a magical world (Zinnia) be born without magic?
While Alexa who comes from a normal world has magical powers.
Does it make sense?

Princess Alexa easily solves the problems using magic, without spells or magic skills that she learns before.
Is it good to see?
Is there anything valuable that people can learn from the story?
Do you think instant (or easy) ways are always the best?

This is about the creatures.
Why all of the fairies and mermaids are all female?
Don't they have a father? Zinnia is like a land with no men (except the king).

Mermaids are supposed to have beautiful singing voice?
Is Romy's singing voice good?

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hơn một năm qua Sparklefairy375 said…
1. Yes, it doesn't make sense. Maybe her parents doesn't have magic too? Or she is just an adopted child? This is so uncertain.

2. That's the horrible teaching from the movie for little girls. In fact we can't solve our problem using magic only.

3. That really makes no sense. Maybe that world with colorful flowers and landscapes is too "girly" for boys?

4. I don't think so. Her singing voice sounds so childish even for a teenage young mermaid.
hơn một năm qua MelodyLaurel said…
While I agree that Secret Door was an awful movie with terrible animation and a boring plot, Malucia could very well be born without magic due to her recessive genes. I have spent the past few years writing a high fantasy novel and done extensive research on this. It could happen. Another explanation could be genetic defects that cause an absence of magical abilities.

If this confuses you, think about Harry Potter. There are people whose parents are magical but who do not possess any magic. In-universe, they're called Squibs. Another example is from the movie Sky High. At the beginning, the protagonist struggles with the possibility that he may not have superpowers of his own, even though his parents do. There's also a bus driver in the movie whose parents are superheroes who doesn't have any powers of his own. All are fictional examples of recessive genes.
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