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MJsValentine posted on May 31, 2012 at 04:40PM
Who am I trying to fool? A new spot look is long, LONG overdue. We can whine about it as much we want or we take the things in our own hands! This thread is here for you to submit all your suggestions for the new spot banner, icon and motto.

For now please only submit banners and mottos. We can break our heads about the new spot icon later (in other words, once we have a new banner!).

1. Banners have to be 800x100. Any banners which do not fit in this format will not be included in the final pick. If they are too large or too small they will be blurred or stretched, and that makes things only messy.
2. Icons have to be 200x200, but you can worry about that afterwards.
3. If we have generated enough banners a pick should be up shortly after. After we have a new banner, we can create some matching icons.

Many thanks in advance! The sky is the limit.

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