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faithinChrist posted on Aug 22, 2011 at 09:18PM
Okay...this is random, but those pictures made me think of something. In your opinion, what makes for a "Classic" Barbie movie? What are the characteristics a BM must must posess? And what are the movies that should, in your mind, be classified as classic???
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hơn một năm qua faithinChrist said…
Okay, I'll be lame and post first on my own forum:P haha.
I think a classic BM should (1) have a strong plot that comes from a story that is already in famous literature; for example the Nutcracker and Swan Lake are two of THE MOST famous ballets known, and The Three Musketeers is a classic novel. And/or (2) I think it should include pieces of classical music or backgrounds. These would give it a more well-rounded feel, and more class (lol). Also it would bring history and culture (Shove a little education down kid's throats!!! mwahahaha) to otherwise teeny-bopper-ish flicks that last for a season but don't stand the test of time. I think when the moviemakers today try to write all their own plots, all their own music, and make it relevant only to the modern world, it falls flat and comes across stupid since they are aiming it at smaller children. So my list of classic Barbie movies is as follows:
1. Nutracker 2.Rapunzel 3.Swan Lake
4.The Princess and the Pauper 5. Magic of Pegasus (kinda iffy, but...) 6. The 12 Dancing Princesses 7.Island Princess (very iffy, haha) 8.The Three Musketeers 9.A Christmas Carol

Some of them are obvious...Magic of Pegasus was named "Barbie's first original movie" but it was built on Beethoven's gorgeous music and had the same theme as most's still kind of a maybe though. Island Princess...I loved and personally I would rate it way up high but it didn't have any old-english mentionings or fine arts at all...still it had the classic Barbie feel and theme so it's another maybe-ish. The Fairytopia series....good but I wouldn't classify them as "classic". The Diamond Castle, yes it was "Princess" but it was very modernized, in the music and phrases and such. (Still love it, though!) And a Christmas Carol..yes it was odd in some ways but it was based on Dickens' novel.
So...sorry for the long response, please remember this is JUST MY OPINION, please don't get upset with me if you disagree! Please post your responses! :)
hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
^I agree completely. I'd say the last "classic" movie was 3 Musketeers. And I'm glad you acknowledged Christmas Carol, which I've always really liked.
hơn một năm qua faithinChrist said…
^^Good point.
hơn một năm qua MajorAbbey said…
While I do agree with you that the Fairytopia series are "classics", I think the company is just slapping the label onto anything that wasn't released recently. There was a TV channel which used to do that; airing repeats of a TV show and referring to them as "classic" episodes.
hơn một năm qua MJsValentine said…
The other day I went to a toystore and Mattel released a "classic Barbie movies" collection. They decided to re-release the dolls from the old movies. They look slightly different from the original ones and come along with a storybook. I looked at the back of the box and it had the DVD covers of Nutcracker till 3M. It's a matter of time until MT, FF and FS are considered to be "classic" as well (mainly because you can still buy those dolls.)
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