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When bạn don't know where to go
And you're feeling all alone
Look inside yourself
You're so much thêm than bạn know
When you're stuck and out of time
bạn can vượt qua, cross the finish line
You're a champion
You'll always be a winner

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, whoa

bạn can be anything bạn want
If bạn believe in who bạn are
You'll light up the whole world
You're shining so bright
Anything is possible
When bạn look into your heart
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You're a shooting star.

When I'm down and feeling scared
I know I should take a chance
The world is sitting right here
In the palm of my hand
I'm flying higher than before
And giving up is not a choice
I'll push the doubt aside
And step into the spotlight

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh

I can be anything I dream
Live the life that's made for m
I'll light up the whole world
I'll be shining so bright
Anything is possible
When I look into my heart
Oh, oh, oh
I'm a shooting star
Oh, oh
I'm a shooting star
Oh, oh
I'm a shooting star
xin chào guys! So..this is my idea..what if all of us to worked together to bring together our favourite búp bê barbie movie moments..from Nutcracker to Ponytale..and any if bạn guys want us to wait till pearl princess comes out..please say it in a comment...
We all tình yêu búp bê barbie movies..there have been 24 phim chiếu rạp so far..excluding búp bê barbie dairies..I am sorry..I have never really thought of it as part of the series..and I feel embarrassed in saying that I still haven’t watched it..if any of bạn think different and want the movie to be part of the project..please mention it in a comment..
If any of bạn have...
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We should meet one day
I know you're a kind man
To your tim, trái tim I'll ask
"Love me as I am"
I hope tình yêu will be
True as bạn say

I'll be sure about it
If you'll tình yêu me as I am

The girl you're looking for
The one that you'll choose
In my heart, I think that's me
Look into my eyes

Maybe you'll remain upset
When you'll look for the truth
bạn must go deeper
And listen to the heart

I'll be yours
Together we'll be only one
tình yêu me as I am

(Dominick) //////// (Erika)
I'll be yours ///// Who can say where we'll go
Together we'll be only one //////Who can say where I'll be, but I am with you

tình yêu me as I am...

tình yêu me as I am...
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