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Is there any way to convince Mattel to start making fairy tale búp bê barbie phim chiếu rạp again?

Is there any chance that Mattel will start making fairy tale búp bê barbie phim chiếu rạp again?
I tình yêu the old búp bê barbie phim chiếu rạp and I really wish that Mattel would start making these kind of phim chiếu rạp again instead of the modern crap and I have noticed that they are many búp bê barbie những người hâm mộ on this spot that share the same opinion.I know that they keep making modern búp bê barbie phim chiếu rạp because they want to gain new những người hâm mộ but they could still release one fairy tale movie and one modern movie per year,in that way they would get the satisfaction of both old and new búp bê barbie fans.I really think that we should at least try to send a petition to Mattel to bring back the fairy tale kind of movies.Who's with me?
 GhostLoveScore posted hơn một năm qua
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Sparklefairy375 said:
I'd tình yêu to see búp bê barbie phim chiếu rạp based on fairytales again, such as Nutcracker, Rapunzel, etc.

But I don't think Mattel want to back to fairytale phim chiếu rạp again. Though mostly of current phim chiếu rạp have weak plots. They now just think about how to got thêm profits, so the plot isn't the number one again. As an example, every time when the current phim chiếu rạp announced to release, they're always produce and selling búp bê and merchandise first. So they just make phim chiếu rạp for dolls. (Opinion only)

And may be it also because an incident in 2009. Read this for more: link

Mattel supposed to make "Barbie Sleeping Beauty" movie but it was cancelled because Disney's tradermark of Sleeping Beauty in 1959. So may be this time Mattel didn't want to made fairytale phim chiếu rạp again, after Three Musketeers. (Opinion)
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posted hơn một năm qua 
I know about that incident with Disney because I read about it 2 years ago.You can't imagine how much I cursed Disney after đọc it,since than I have a deep and burning hatred for Disney and hope that they will go bankrupt because it would serve them sucker right.However I don't think that was a valid reason to stop making fairy tale movies.They could take fairy tales that have never been adapted bởi stupid Disney.I for one would tình yêu to seea búp bê barbie adaption of the Brothers Grimm"Brother and Sister"or"Snow White and Rose Red" hoặc Mattel could continue with making original fairy tale movie like"Magic Pegasus"and"Diamond Castle"
GhostLoveScore posted hơn một năm qua
Maybe they were re-thinking to made fairy tale phim chiếu rạp again, because they do not want to got the same incident again.
Sparklefairy375 posted hơn một năm qua
I don't know about phim chiếu rạp , but Mattel has come up with a new búp bê barbie series 'Dreamtopia' with a teaser on YouTube , it is somehow entirely based on fairytale . I hope Mattel will go on fairytales again !
BarbieBieber714 posted hơn một năm qua
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