Barack Obama Political Anatomy and Forensics

OzLoon posted on Aug 16, 2009 at 04:31AM
BARAK - An abbreviation of ‘barking mad.’
HUSSEIN - a mispronouncing of ‘who’s sane.’
OBAHMA – a miss spelling of the Irish surname, O’Bummer.

This guy isn’t a nigger. He’s actually Irish and is related to the late Mussolini who was also an Irishman whose real name was Spud Murphy but in Italy at that time he was known as Dick Tater. Let us continue with other little known facts of history.

Adolf ‘s real name was Brian Johnston and he came from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. He wasn’t Austrian at all. His ego caused him to loose a war he should easily have won. The reason his German was pretty good was cause he shacked up with a South Australian girl named Gudren Triplemier whose family were wine makers in the Barossa, which is what Germans like to do. But she was a Jew so marriage was out but they still managed to produce three children out of wedlock. There were other children with a couple of lubras he encountered in his travels. The children’s whereabouts are not known. Adolf is gone for all money but Gudren is still alive and living in Broome with her great grandchildren who can only speak English and yes, some of ‘em have a bit of a tan. At the ripe age of 97 Gudren is finalising plans for WW3.

It’s odd how life pans out and history has lessons for us all. Mr. Pres. O’Bummer, please keep your ego in check lest there be a monumental fuck-up. Should you be in the JFK category you can be called BHO.

‘What does BHO stand for?’


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