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 Korra Desktop hình nền
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the legend of korra
Rin sat cross-legged on her giường đọc a book, her thin black hair rested on her shoulders. Her dull green eyes slowly scanned the pages. She looked up as someone knocked on the door.
"Come in," she said, bookmarking her place and setting the book tiếp theo to her. Her older sister walked in. "Hey Asami what's up?"
"Do bạn want to come shopping with me today?"
"Yes!" she jumped up, the discard book tumbling to the floor. She followed her down the stairs, smiling brightly.
"And where are bạn two going?" she winced as her father's voice sounded from behind them. They both stopped and looked around. She...
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legend of korra
Avatar the last airbender the legend of korra makko
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