To begin, I'd like to say that I'm not a người hâm mộ of the tình yêu tam giác aspect of Legend of Korra. I think it was distracting, not particularly interesting and I'm praying that it's never brought up again tiếp theo season. That said, I do think that Korra and Mako have been getting a great deal of grief over the whole business, and I'd like to say my piece regarding the two characters in regards to many fans' reactions to them.

For a start, I don't have a problem with the idea of the two being an item. I don't like the ships that are not canon in the Avatar world, but the relationships in the show, the ones the creators of the series have put in place, I'm fine with. I'm not a major người hâm mộ of any particular relationship, but that's mainly because I'm not much one for romance in the first place. In other words, I'm not a heavy Makorra shipper; however, as it is a relationship Mike and Brian have seen fit to give us, I assumed there was good reason for it, and I stand bởi their decision.
What people seem to have a problem with is that they see the relationship coming about as a result of cheating - Mako cheating on Asami, Korra encouraging him into it and, in some people's eyes, Korra sort-of cheating on Bolin. Now, I can see what people mean when watching the episode in which Korra and Mako Kiss (I think it's the fourth episode). While I agree Korra was being stupid in kissing Mako, we have to remember her general lack of understanding in these matters, and that as a character, she tends to rush in without thinking in an attempt to deal with her problems, trying to barge her way through. This is generally seen as bad form in the world of love, but all Korra has to work with is Pema's story about her and Tenzin, so as far as she knew it was completely acceptable. I see it as ignorance on her part, rather than her being a horrible, man-stealing b**ch like a lot of people make her out to be. As for Mako, it's clear that he doesn't Kiss her, but the other way around, and after the Kiss he does try and make sure they just stay friends. I really think the guy gets a lot of grief over it, but I don't think he could have handled it any better - was he meant to tell Asami, so early in their relationship? I don't think it would have done him any good, hoặc her, and when was a good time to bring it up? When her father is revealed as an Equalist? When they're staying at Korra's? As for Korra supposedly cheating on Bolin, although I feel really bad for the guy (still can't believe they tried to play that for laughs) I'm pretty sure Korra never agreed to go out with him in a romantic sense, but as friends; she never really went into any relationship with him so she couldn't really be unfaithful. It was just a tragic case of miscommunication.
Then bạn have the two of them getting closer while Mako and Asami drift apart. A lot of people view this as Mako being an asshole, Korra being a man stealer and Asami being a saint. I don't agree with any one of these views. Watching the series over, it's clear that, while Mako and Korra are getting closer, Asami doesn't really handle it as spectacularly as people think. I understand that people admire her for calling out Mako and still being nice to Korra, but I don't understand that it makes her such a great person. On the one hand, what initially upsets her is the Kiss from several episodes earlier, and that was as much Korra's fault as Mako's (more so, in fact) so her pushing Mako away and behaving as passive-aggressively as she does towards him is understandable, but not exactly a brilliant way of handling it - particularly as it pushes him towards Korra, leading to thêm of what upset Asami in the first place (although it's at least as much her fault).
I don't think Korra's a man stealer in later episodes, when Mako is being all tender with her after her kidnapping; she likes Mako, and she's been through a pretty rough ordeal - it's natural that she's going to seek comfort from him, and he cares about her a great deal and feels protective of her. Heck, even towards the end when they talk about how they think the other is great, Korra walks away from him before things could go any further, which isn't something a man stealer (who would take any advantage she could get and exploit it) would do.
Mako's behaviour is also understandable. When Korra is kidnapped, he seems thêm concerned about finding her than the others do - but I don't think that's as much to do with his feelings for her as it is to do with his character. He was very concerned when Bolin was taken earlier, if you'll recall - and while I know Bolin was his family and Korra isn't, I think it shows something of Mako as a person. At the beginning of the series, the only person he seems to have any sort of bond with is Bolin, who he feels very protective of, if a little irritated at times. There is no implication that he had any other strong connection with anyone else since his parents' deaths, and as such, it's likely that his relationships with the other, thêm gần đây significant parties in his life - namely Korra and Asami - would reflect the paternal instinct he has with Bolin, as he may be unable to forge other styles of relationships as easily. It would explain why he gets so angry when Korra accuses Asami's father of being an equalist, and why he becomes so worried over Korra's kidnapping, and why he feels the need to comfort her afterwards. I think the romance thing got muddled up in their, and he went a bit too far without meaning to - which I don't think are the actions of an asshole.
At the end of the series, when Mako and Korra kissed, I got the impression that Asami and Mako were over. The two never really share a scene after they chẻ, phân chia, split up partway through the penultimate episode, but I think that when the two đã đưa ý kiến they cared about each other, they were really saying sorry about their behaviour towards each other (which had been hostile on both ends, in truth), but I don't think they were together. I wonder if they had actually broken up earlier, as all their conversations seemed to be arguments after Asami confronted Mako on the kiss; either way, the fact that Asami kissed Mako on the cheek when they đã đưa ý kiến goodbye instead of a full on Kiss seemed to me an indication that, while they were patching the arguments up, they weren't a couple any longer. Thus, Mako wasn't cheating on her when he kissed Korra in the final episode. I could be wrong about al this, and the một giây season could prove me wrong and bring up a load thêm of this tình yêu tam giác BS, but I hope not. Either way, it ought to clear it up, as this season didn't do a great job of making it clear.

Finally, I'd like to point out that Mako and Korra are nothing like Zuko and Katara. For one, the Makorra shipping is canon (sorry, Zutara fans, but that's the way of it). Secondly, the characters have tiếp theo to nothing in common, except a few superficial similarities - Zuko does not have Mako's paternal instinct, for one, and is much less sure of himself, at least in the first couple of series. And Katara and Korra share pretty much nothing, aside from being born in the South Pole - Korra is a hot-headed fighter, while Katara is a cool-headed healer, who will fight when she needs to but doesn't see it as the first and best solution to most problems. bạn can't really compare the two ships, since they are nothing alike in any way.

I've probably rambled a lot on this, sorry for trailing off with the whole Mako and Korra character analysis thing; I could be completely wrong in my understanding of these characters. The general point I want to make is that Mako might be bland, but he's not an asshole; Korra may be a bit thick at times, but she's not a man stealer; and Asami might have a few moments of hiển thị she's a good person, but she's not a saint. Sorry, but they're all human, they all mess up but they also have redeeming moments as well. That's thêm hoặc less my feelings on the matter; feel free to disagree all bạn want. I won't stop you, but I will probably argue in defence of my own opinion. Just so's you're aware.