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 Zuko and Mai
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Set up like the last two, here's an bài viết about five songs I think relate to Azula and why. Songs aren't in any particular order.

1. Dysfunctional Family bởi Cinema Bizarre: I'm a threat to myself I'm a get Armageddon I'm a freak I'm a liar I'm a flirt I deny that I'm no good then I mess It up This song basically reminds me of post-comet Azula. After a certain point she did become a threat to herself; I mean she'd do things like jumping off of Appa from a large height that very well could have killed her if Aang didn't intercept. And the liar thing is pretty self-evident. I mean it was quoted...
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One of the things I noticed about Avatar is the significance of the spirit disguises. Each disguise speaks volumes about the character using it and reflects their personality sort of like their bending styles.

I’ll start with the Painted Lady and Katara;

The real Painted Lady was a lot of things for the people of Jang Hui. She was a protector. A healer. A beacon of hope. She was a water spirit with assumably a gentle heart.

This is not unlike Katara herself. One of Katara’s key character traits was her hopefulness and the hope she instilled in other people. And in assuming the persona...
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There will be spoilers, and bạn might want to start with part one.

Keep in mind that this is just a fanfiction, and that Azula's thoughts and scenes in between Sozin's comet never happened.

Azula was still thinking. He won't deny me, I'm the Princess! I'll get it out of my head, what to say, what to say...?
Then she spoke: "Sorry I'm late, father. Good palanquin bearers are so hard to come bởi these days. So, is everything ready for our departure?"

Then she heard the words that made her die a little inside. No, not a little, a lot.

"There has been a change of plans, Azula."

It can still be good....
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