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Something that I think about and mention a lot is how Azula was raised. Namely that she was basically a human weapon for Ozai. He pretty much saw her raw talent as a kid, the potential for power, and groomed her as a war child. In doing this I think that he gave her a very warped sense of self worth among other things. For as hard as she pushes other people, I feel like she holds herself to very high-standards too; no doubt that it's because of how she was raised.

Despite her confidant bravado, I honestly I feel like Azula could be probably one of the most insecure characters on the show. Hear...
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So I've been really into travel lately and dreaming of places I'd tình yêu to see. And then I got to thinking about what places some of my yêu thích characters might like to go to. So I thought I'd just consider where all of the Avatar characters might go to if they lived in our world.
Aang: I can see him liking Thailand. For me it's a very beautiful place that's just alive with all of the elements. I can see him enjoying a view like this;

That and Thailand has some very elegant temples that I think Aang would be fond of if he was in our world.

The Neatherlands would...
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