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Avatar the last airbender
did bạn know?
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So I was đọc a post on tumblr that got me thinking. Basic gist is that someone đã đưa ý kiến Azula couldn’t do anything on her own. My initial thought was to dispute that but then I kind of thought about it and realized this person was kind of right. But not just about Azula. After really thinking about it I realized that none of the characters really can! Hear me out guys; I’m not saying that the Avatar characters are useless on their own, but they are so much stronger when they have others to help them out. In fact I’d like to argue that this is an intended theme in Avatar. Like these characters...
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Two new couples happened. Katara and Zuko are dating. So, they formed Zutara. Aang and Toph are dating. So, they formed Taang. Katara ran after Zuko, and Toph ditched Sokka for Aang. After they sarted to date....... the rest was pure magic. A couple of years later, Zuko gave Katara a engagement neckless. Katara and Zuko got married on the solar eclipse. As for Aang and Toph, they married on the lunar eclipse. Soon after that Toph was pregnent. When Toph had their baby, they named her Taang, after their tình yêu for each other. Katara soon gave birth to a baby boy, and they named him...
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