Thế Thần - Tiết khí sư cuối cùng Avatar Rp!!

Zmidy313 posted on May 10, 2011 at 12:30AM
RP yay!!!!!

Thế Thần - Tiết khí sư cuối cùng 9 các câu trả lời

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hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Kushin Shinku

Height : 6'2

Weight : 220LBS

Gender : M

Age : 16

Rank : Head of the Royal Gaurd in the Fire nation / also master fire bender

Element : Fire / Lighting

Family : no real family but his Mentor Rin senken was excuted in front of him when he was 9 by fire lord Ozai during the early years of Ozai's rule as fire lord.

Weapons : Kushin has a Katana unlike most of the fire nation his sword was spcailly made by fire lord Ozai and made out of a dragon so he can bend through his Katana as well as normal bending he also has a few spcailly made shuriken.

Persnailty : Kushin is very head strong and prideful of himself and run's the Royal gaurd and the armies of the fire nation with a Iron fist he is very strict and a good chunk of the fire nation fear him and his ruthless and cold hearted persnailty he always looks out for himself and very seldomly has he ever defended his men he does not tolerate failure and has even put the fire nation Princess Azula in her place more than once.

Apperance : Kushin has Dark black hair ( Length of Zuko's from book three ) and wears a Fire Red Trench coat with Haori looking sleeve's underneath the trench coat is the Tradional fire nation Armor he also wears white gloves and has a tattoo of a Dragon on his left arm though it's no visable, he also wears a Black Silk shirt underneath his breast. his eye's are a Deep Red adding to his Menaceing apperance. his sword is located on his right side.

Historey : During his early years when he was about 5 or 7 he was good friend with a Young Ty-lee and even had a crush on her at one point but because he wasn't a Noble they always met in secert and played game's until Azula found out about such matters and so Azula being the better fire bender at the time beat Kushin to a pulmp telling him he was worthless and would never be able to satisfy the needs of a Noble such as Ty-lee and so the two stopped talking however head of the fire natio Roaly Gaurd Rin Adopted the young boy and taught him the Orginal way of fire bending Kushin took well and was a fire bending Prodigey he than enrolled in the fire nation Acdeamy for boy's and was picked on by all the students when Kushin was accused of a fire bedning and dis-respecting the fire lord by a teacher who for some reason Naturally hated Kushin, Rin stepped in Reasulting in the teachers death Ozai than head Kushin Watch Rin get excuted as a lesson Kushin felt nothing but anger towards the fire lord during a good chunk of the years he was miserable 9-14 he met Ty-lee again and the two started talking again telling Ty-lee everything that had happend even though Ty-lee was shy the two encaged in true love's first kiss Kushin than vowed that he would earn the respect of Ty-lee's father so that they would be wed and Ty-lee held him up to that he than spent the next two years as a Gaurd on the boiling rock and fire lord Ozai reconized him as strong and Prodigey even more than Azula, Azula being out raged Challenged Kushin to a Dual in front of Fire lord OZai witch the ending reasult was Azula being beatten Kushin than remarked that he maybe Trash from a sub urb of the fire nation but he is still a Person and that Azula is the one who is street Trash Azula out raged tryed to kill Kushin from behind Kushins re-action was his first ever lighting bolt witch hit her square in the chest , Ozai than reco-nized the Potenail Kushin and had him put in charge of the Roaly Gaurd instantly this angered alot of people but had made Ty-lee even more proud of her Fiance the two than anouccned there realtionship publicly and some shuned other's accepted.

Hobbies : he sometime's like's to go teach young fire benders at the acdeamy how to fire bend he also love's giveing him self a challenge and hunts down the fire nations most wanted list he has encountered team avatar several times ( though it's not in the seris for Obviouis reasons ) he also like's Polishing and sharpening his sword of witch Ty-lee sais he's Convinscating for something because he's always playing with his sword.

Other fun fact's about Kushin : Kushin also has the one of the only Dragons left in the fire nation witch Orginally belonged to his Mentor Rin it's name s Ryujinn it's a 50 foot long dragon Blood red scale's and has a scar on it's right eye.

Kushin no one in the fire nation has ever seen Kushin ( beside's when he fought Azula and his master ) Fire bend since he became hed of the Roaly Gaurd people also have never seen him draw his sword.

Kushin was infact a nobble just his parents died before he was born his mom died in the process of Brith and he's heard war storyies about his father

even though Kushin has never been seen fire bending almost ever the people re-fer to him as the Crimsion Dragon of the West

well sorry every thing is so long I just couldn't help but get into it I also will be posting up a Earth and water bender :) after if you guy's enjoyed Kushin
hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Kangetsu Terra

Age : 50 ( looks 30 )

Height : 6'5

Weight : 235LBS

Gender : M

Element : Earth / Sand / Metal ( learned on his own will explain in historey )

Rank : he was appointed Bumi's Persnal Body Gaurd and in charge of the Bai sing say Army butafter 10 years he Defcted from the earth kingdom ( by choice ) and became a Traveling Earth bending teacher (this will be explained in his historey also ) he's also a master Earth bender

Family : Yana ( Late wife Descaesed , Water bender ) Sojuin ( also a water bender unkown wear he is but he is in the earth kingdom )

Persnailty : Kangetsu is a Very wise and outgoing old man he is the type of person who lives each day out with no worries how ever when theratend he is not the type to not kill some one but he is indeed going defend himself even if it reasults in the other person loseing there life. he is Also Extermely Sarcastic and make's rather funny comments in the oddest of situations. he also has tuff guy act alot of the time and he lives up to it as well as his repuation as the Mighty Hammer witch is his nick-name amongest earth benders every where.

Apperance : Kangetsu is indeed blind much like Toph but he wears bandage's over his eye's and only removes them when in combat he wears to Dark yellow Ankle Bracelets and is a Muscular monster of a man he wears a green Earth Tribe Vest that is open Revaling his Mighty six pack he also has Arm bange's wrapped around his arms as well as two green earth tribe Bracers on each hand he has long White hair ( like Iroh without the Bald spot ) he has a Red woman's Ribbion wraped around his waste acting as a belt he does not wear shoes at all. Kangetsu also has a spear in a sling on his back being held up by a leather Strap he also has a small one handed axe on the left side of his pants the spear is on his back is only 2 feet long the axe is 2 feet as well.Kangetsu also has a bit of a beard going on but he has it in three seperate braids his beard is also white.

Weapon(s) : his weapon(s) of choice he has a one handed axe and spear the spear and axe are made of pure metal the axe has a dark Black blade and is made out of reinforced black Iron the spear handle is made out of Rod Iron the tip is made of Diamond he bend the weapons Enlargeing them to huge proptions his Axe is only ever seen as big as Zewihander size and his spear he can extend it as far as he ( much like Goku's Ne-yo-bo ) his spear when extened the Diamond tip become's a Sharp point. He has also unlike Toph Heightend his Remaining 3 sense's hearing , feeling & smell to exterme extents to the point wear he can see through shifting sand. he is also a Deadly master of hand to hand combat he has also proven to be Super Strong.

Historey : Born Blind from birth he couldn't learn earth bending the Normal way so his parents had him attend a Private session's but his Teacher grew angeryier and angeryier with him because of his lack of site so his old mentor quite Fustrated with his lack of site he ran into a cave and started beating up the rocks around him to the point where his fists were bleeding he was than greeted by a Badgar Mole that started to show him the Natural way of earth bending and so after 6 months of Tarining he had than mastered Earth bending and than started to Rig the cave he trained in with traps so he could Tarin his other sense's he at frist Strengthed his sesne of touch with the help of the Badgar moles but he than started to Tarin the rest of his sense's Become more and sensetive he also improved his reflixis an early king Bumi Reconized the young youth and one day followed him to his cave to see how he was improveing Kangetsu had set up Variouis excersie's forceing him to keep use his sense's as well train in the ways of earth bending shortly after 4 years he had mastered Earth and Sand bending and shortly after bumi had followed him in secert for the last 4 years offered him a postion in the Palace of course Kangetsu excepted and after 10 more years he had discovered metal bending but showed and told no one by now Kangetsu was 20 and the fire Lord Ozai was now the new fire lord of witch Kangetsu had met his wife a Southern water bender survior Kangetsu and the two fell instantly in love and bared a child one day when his wife went out to go pick some Berryies a Fire nation scout found her and fire nation Gaurd started to attack the earth kingdom Kangetsu Tried to defend his wife and child but his son ran away and the reasult ended up with Kangetsu being Injured near death and his wife being captured and excuted in the twon square of the fire nation in his Depression ( so 25-35 ) he lft the earth kingdom ( he couldn't find his son ) and started traveling the world he entered a few tournaments to win money and has done a few Illgeal things during his Travel's he was able to get into the great Libary and read nearly everything about bending and how it works he also studdied Martral Arts while he was in there ( he was in there form the time he was 35-43 ) when he came out of the Libary he had got word of the new Avatar and how Ba-sing-say was at war with the fire nation however he countuined on with his travel's witch included a encounter with Iroh & Zuko ( five year before the seris) , Ming,ty-lee & Azula ( his travel's brought him to the fire nation ) , Azula Captured the old man and he was forced into a fire nation Prision in a wooden sell and in was in cased in heavy Iron chains ( rember people don't know he learned to metal bend during his early years ) he was then in the fire nation prision for the next 7 years of his life until a Eclispe ( 8 years before the show ) happend he than escaped and trashed the fire nation prision going back on the road to search for his meaning in life.

Hobbies : Drinking , praticeing his with his weapons, figureing out new ways of eart bending

Fun facts :

Kangetsu has walked every where during his travels

Kangetsu has made his own form of earth bending

Kangetsu never encountered team Avatar or any other fire benders since his time in Prision

Kangetsu is a master at the Migty Fist Marterail art and kung fu
hơn một năm qua greenstergirl said…
Name: Arlamni tusan

Age: 14

Gender: F

Birthplace: Fire Nation

Weapons: fire bending, daggers and karate

Arlamni is a fire nation spy assassin. She was born a prodigy bender and since she was two has trained in the arts of karate, bending and stealth. Unlike most kids she became an official spy assassin for the fire nation at age 8 and now travel the world get information for the fire lord. But that was all before aang won the war.
hơn một năm qua BB2010 said…
Name: Sadira Mizu

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Element: Water

Family: An old firebender named Lee

Weapons: Bow and arrows and waterbending

Personality: Sadira is very headstrong and prideful and arrogant. She is angry that she has to keep her bending a secret and wishes to leave the Fire Nation but can't because her guardian needs her. She has a good heart and can do something good when she needs to

Appearance: Sadira has tanned skin, elbow lengthed dark brown hair (she pulls her bangs back into a little topnot but leaves the rest of it in waves), wears a light red robe with a dark red vest over it, complimenting her slender figure, and black boots. For jewelry she wears gold wrist bands and a black choker around her neck

History: Her father left mother during her pregnancy when they were in the Earth Kingdom. Her mother died during childbirth leaving her baby an orphan. Lee found the baby and raised her as his own even though he knew she was Water Tribe. He named the baby Sadira (lotus) to have people think she was Fire Nation but let her keep her last name Mizu (Sadira's mother's pack had the name Mizu on it so he assumed that was the last name). At the age of eight Sadira learned waterbending from scrolls. Lee told Sadira when she was five years old that she was Water Tribe and when she was fourteen he knew it was time for her to learn of the Order of the White Lotus. Though she was not old enough to be a member yet she was still told of all the secrets and the codes. When she was thirteen she found a cat naming it Koi for the moon and ocean spirits' forms.

Hobbies: Sadira loves singing, fighting, baking, cleaning, writing, drawing, and practicing her archery.

hơn một năm qua Zmidy313 said…
Tenzin:Hey guys!
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hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
so what's the storey line ?
hơn một năm qua Zmidy313 said…
Tenzin is traveling with friends while he is traing 2 be the Avatar
hơn một năm qua wolfmaster3000 said…
okay so like the other one ...guess that mean Kushin and Kangetsu will be the earth / fire bending teacher ? .........
hơn một năm qua Zmidy313 said…
ok, that sounds good