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phantomassasin posted on Apr 03, 2013 at 10:41AM
bender:(yes or no and state your type)
bio:(talk about your character and post a pic)

last of all,have fun!

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hơn một năm qua phantomassasin said…
name:kenji akashi
bender:yes and earth type
skill:hunting,stealth and strong fighter
weapon:uses a bow and spear
bio:"defense is the best offence"said by phantom's master.phantom was once a member of the earth nation strongest platoon named earthquake and the top assasin that escaped the fire nation stronghold ever since the assasination failed to take down the strong hold and was the only survivor as he watches his own team mates slain to death...after that depressing fact that he was the only one,he left the platoon and make a living as a bounty hunter
hơn một năm qua phantomassasin said…
this is my appearance
 this is my appearance
hơn một năm qua phantomassasin said…
my ride
 my ride
hơn một năm qua phantomassasin said…
Phantom:*walks into a tavern and sees a commotion*
inn's cleaner(female):sorry sir,i didnt meant to spill your drink*starts cleaning up*
sir:you must be tired of living*takes out his sword*
phantom:*rush into the scene and grab his hand*theres no need to use violence isit?
sir:you seem like a warrior*tooks out a dagger from his pocket and about to stab phantom*
phantom:*kicks the dagger away and punches his face and pins him to the floor*guess you really wana start up a fight,let me warn you,if you dare to raise your sword in this tavern again,i wont hesitate to send you off*glares at him and let him go*get out off here at once
sir:you'll be sorry if you ever steps out of the tavern*withdraws his sword*
phantom:come at me bro!*walks away and sits down in a corner*
girl:im sorry,he was a bounty hunter well known in this tavern,sorry that i got u into trouble*looks away*
phantom:its not your fault and get me some beer
girl:right away and drinks on me*smile sheepishly*
girl:here*place the jug of beer on the table and walks off into the back of the tavern*
phantom:*sips the beer and think"kind people doesnt deserve to be treated this way much worst is she is defenseless,if only she doesnt work in a complicated place here"*
hơn một năm qua phantomassasin said…
Phantom:*walks out of the bar and saw the previous guy that tried to hurt the tavern lady with his team of bounty hunters consisting of 4 people including him*here to look for a fight?
sir:guys thats him attack!*one of them threw a boulder and another took out two daggers and lunges at phantom*
phantom:*dodge the boulder and takes his spear and get into an armed combat with the guy with dagger*
sir:you had let your guards down!*the third man strikes phantom from behind kicking him*
-phantom got hit and went head on to a nearby tree-
phantom::you forced me to use my ability!you'll experience pain you'd never felt!
-phantom earth bend and opened a gap beneath the three attackers and buried them alive-
sir:*panicks*pl-please do not kill me im truly sorry!i can give u as much gold pieces or even my sword from the fire nation!
phantom:*angered*how dare you talk to me about fire nations!
-phantom uses earth bending and earth bends a gauntlet on his harm and hit him,sending him 200 metres away and he flew to a nearby lake-
phantom:you guys brought upon your own doom!*he took off with his lizard back home to omashu.
hơn một năm qua phantomassasin said…
-phantom walks into the tavern and saw a wanted poster of the fire bender in earth nation territory-
phantom:looks like its my lucky day!
-phantom took his ride and took off-
hơn một năm qua phantomassasin said…
-phantom returns with the captured fire bender to the prison-
phantom:here is the man you wanted
prison chieftain:you sure live up to your name of the earth kingdom's finest assasin
phantom:please do not say that again,it hurts reminding me of my past.
prison chieftain:well,i wont if you say so *smiles*
-as soon as the chieftain gave phantom the money for the bounty,phantom waved and left-
prison chieftain:*thinks*good thing we have him on our side...
hơn một năm qua phantomassasin said…
-days passed and phantom was hanging around the tavern-
phantom:it sure is boring,fire benders are no match for me.
-phantom overheard that the abandoned air temples hold secrets of the war-
phantom:air temple huh?if it helps to win this war,im willing to check it out.
-phantom left with his lizard to the eastern air temple as it is reachable by foot-