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Jruiz15 posted on Oct 05, 2011 at 03:10AM
Hey everyone, my idea for this game is an action packed, open-world MMO with combat similar to Vindictus(link). you could create your own character, kind of like in Legends of the Arena, and start out in a village in your respective nation(fire,water,air,earth). You would level up, purchase armor, and complete quests, all the basic rpg stuff. Controls would be inspired by Vindictus; left click is your basic bending attack, right click a stronger smash attack, and maybe other keys for special skills. The time period could be during the war, but probably before Aang was found. The fire nation would be the main enemy, but there could be a renegade fire bender village or something(so it would be an available class to start off with). you would follow some sort of story line that would take you across the world, visiting new nations and battling the fire nation. you could form parties to fight alongside your friends, and have arenas where you could face them. Travelling would be on foot at first, but eventually you could purchase some sort of beast to ride around on. there are infinite possibilities to what they could achieve with this game, not to mention it would also build up hype for the new series. Also the graphics should be of higher quality than previous games, but with low quality options for people with lower-end computers. There are many people that support this idea, and i believe it would be a very successful game. :D

Like our facebook page! We need all the support we can get! :D


or if that doesnt work, search on facebook, "Petition for Avatar The Last Airbender MMO" thanks :D
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