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Funny Avatar Quotes:
•    “Zuko’s gone crazy! I made a sand sculpture of Suki and he destroyed it! … Oh, and he’s attaching Aang”-Sokka
•    “Yesterday my mouth tasted like mud. Now it just tastes like sand. I never thought I’d miss the taste of mud so much”-Toph
•    “Please tell me bạn ae hear because the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy lord turned out to be a big wimp and bạn didn’t even need the eclipse to take him down”-Sokka
•     Aang: “But he’s still a human being…”
Zuko: “You’re going to defend him?”
Aang: “No. I agree with you. ngọn lửa, chữa cháy lord Ohzi is a horrible person, and the world would prabolly be better off without him…But there’s gotta be another way.”
Zuko: “Like what?”
Aang: “I dunno…Mabye we can make some big pot of glue and then I could use glue bending to stick his arms and legs together so he can’t bend anymore!”
Zuko: “Yeah! Then bạn could hiển thị him his baby pictures and all those happy memories will make him good again!”
Aang: “Do bạn really think that would work?!”
Zuko: “No!”
•    Sokka: “Judging bởi the looks on your faces, I’m guessing bạn guys didn’t find Aang either.”    
Zuko: “No, It’s like he just… disappeared.”
Toph: “Hey, wait a minute. Has anyone noticed that Momo is missing too?”
Sokka: “Oh no… I knew it was only a matter of time! APPA ATE MOMO!”
^ Sokka opens Appa’s mouth and climbs in
Sokka: “Momo! I’m coming for ya, buddy!”
Katara: “Sokka, Appa didn’t eat Momo. He’s probably with Aang.”
Sokka: “That’s just what Appa wants bạn to think.”
Zuko: “Get out of the bison’s mouth, Sokka! We have a real problem here.”
•    Aang: “Wow, camping. It really does feel like old times again, doesn’t it?”
Zuko: “If bạn really want it to feel like old times, I could… uh, chase bạn around awhile and try to capture you.”
•    Sokka: “We gotta help him!”
^ Throughs his boomerang at the súng thần công, pháo crawler trying to eat their canyon guide. The boomerang bounces off the crawlers head and he starts to attach Sokka.
Sokka: “Ok, Now we gotta help me!”
•    Toph: (Falls into the sea) “Help! I can’t swim!”
Sokka: “I’m coming Toph!”
(Sokka gets ready to jump in and save her, but Suki beats him to it).
Toph: “Help! Oh Sokka, bạn saved me!” (She kisses who she thinks is Sokka on the check) “Mmmwa!”
Suki: “Actually, it’s me.”
Toph: “Oh… Well… hehe… bạn can go ahead and let me drown now.”
•    Toph: Who’s Zuko?”
Sokka: “Oh, just some angry freak with a ponytail who’s tracked us all over the world.”
Katara: “What’s wrong with ponytails, Ponytail?”
Sokka: “This is a warrior’s chó sói, sói tail.”
Katara: Well, it certainly tells other warriors that bạn are fun and perky!”
•    Katara: “It’s those three girls from Omashu!”
Toph: “We can take ‘em! Three on three!”
Sokka: “Actually, Toph, there’s four of us.”
Toph: “Oh. I’m sorry, I didn’t count you… y’know, no bending and all.”
Sokka: “I can still fight!”
Toph: “OK, three on three plus Sokka.”
•    Azula: “Do bạn really want to fight me?”
Zuko: “Yes, I really do.”
Aang: “Zuko!”
Azula: “I was wondering when you’d hiển thị up, Zuzu
Aang: (snickers) “Zuzu?”
•    Ty Lee: (pointing at the painting) :Who are these two beautiful women?”
Lou hoặc Lee: Can’t bạn tell?”
Lou hoặc Lee: (at the same time) it’s Lou/Lee and me!”
•    Toph: Aang! I know swimming is fun and all, but do bạn really think bạn should be exposing yourself like that? Cover up.”
Aang: “What? Tim wearing trunks!”
Toph: I know! It’s your hình xăm I’m worried about!”
•    Zuko: “No one can make trà like Uncle, but hopefully I learned a thing hoặc two. Would bạn like to hear my Uncle’s yêu thích joke?”
Katara: “Sure.”
Aang: “I like Jokes.”
Toph: “Bring it.”
Zuko: “Ok, well I can’t remember how it starts, but the punchline is: ‘Leaf me alone! I’m brushed!”
^a long silence occurs while everyone stares at Zuko.
Zuko: “Well, it was funnier when Uncle tells it.”
Katara: “Right. Maybe because he remembers the whole thing.”
•    Katara: “Then he’s gotta be somewhere on Ember Island. Let’s chẻ, phân chia, split up and look for him.”
^Toph zips over to Zuko and clings to his arm so tightly Zuko blushes.
Toph: “I’m going with Zuko!”
^Needless to say, everyone stares.
Toph: “What? Everyone else went on a life changing experience with Zuko.”
^Smiles wider clings tighter.
Toph: “Now it’s my turn.”
•    Sokka: “OH good. bạn guys have met.”
Suki: “Actually we met a long time ago.”
Zuko: “We did?”
Suki: “Yeah. bạn kind of burned down my village.”
Zuko: “…Oh, sorry about that. Nice to see bạn again."
•    Suki: “Why are bạn diễn xuất so overprotective?”
Sokka: “It’s so hard to lose someone bạn care about. Something happened at the North Pole, and I couldn’t protect someone. I don’t want anything like that to ever happen again.”
Suki: “I Mất tích someone I care about. He didn’t die. He just went away. I only had a few days to get to know him, but he was smart, and Công chúa tóc xù and funny.”
Sokka: “Who is this guy? Is he taller than me?”
Suki: “No. He’s about your height.”
Sokka: “Is he better looking?”
Suki: “It’s bạn crazy.”
•    Toph: “So bạn want to go see the baby hoặc are bạn going to faint like an old lady again?”
Sokka: “No. No. I’m good this time.”
•    Katara: “Where have bạn been? We’ve been worried sick!”
Aang: “I got invited to play with some kids after school.”
Sokka: “After what?”
Aang: “I enrolled in ngọn lửa, chữa cháy nation school. And I’m going back tomorrow.”
Sokka: “Enrolled in WHAT?”
(Sokka passes out.)
•    Aang: “Listen guys, those kids at school are the future of the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy Nation. If we went to change this place for the better, we need to hiển thị them a little taste of freedom.”
Sokka: “What could bạn possibly do for a country of depraved little ngọn lửa, chữa cháy monsters?”
Aang: “I’m going to throw them a secret dance party.”
Sokka: (Everyone stares blankly at Aang) “Go to your room.”
•    Katara: “Sokka we’re safe. bạn can take the mustache off now.”
Sokka: “Oh no, I can’t! It’s permanently glued to my skin.”
•    Sokka: “Think about it. No matter where we go, Zuko and the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy Benders manage to find us. It’s because they spot Appa. He’s just too noticeable.”
Katara: “Appa’s not too noticeable.”
Sokka: “He’s a giant fluffy monster with an Mũi tên xanh on his head! It’s kind of hard to miss him!”
•    Sokka: (In a hole) “It’s so dark down here. I can’t see anything.”
Toph: (sarcastically) “Oh no. What a nightmare.”
Sokka: “Sorry.”
•    Zuko: “I know bạn must be surprised to see me here.”
Sokka: “Not really, since you’ve tracked us all over the world.”
•    Zuko: “Look, I admit I’ve done some awful things. I was wrong to try and capture you. And I’m sorry I attacked the Water tribe. And I never should have sent that ngọn lửa, chữa cháy Nation assassin after you. And I’m going to try and stop…”
Sokka: “Wait! bạn sent combustion man after us?”
Zuko: “Well, that’s not his name but…”
•    Katara why would bạn even defend him?”
Toph: “Because Katara, you’re ignoring one crucial fact, Aang needs a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy bending teacher. We can’t think of a single person to do the job. Now one shows up on a silver platter, đĩa, plate and bạn won’t even think about.”
Aang: “I’m not having Zuko as a teacher!”
Sokka: “You’re darn right you’re not, buddy.”
Katara: “Well, I guess that’s settled.”
Toph: “I’m beginning to wonder who really the blind one around here is!”
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Eh, be warned, this is my first bài viết here, so it might be kind of crappy. xD

10) Kyoshi
Yes, her screen time is very limited, but what we do see of her I love. She's fierce, brave, daring, reckless, strong and heck, her clothes and make-up are beautiful. The one thing I would dislike about her is, her recklessness could be a serious disadvantage in a war.

9) Hama
Oh my God, I tình yêu Hama. Yes, she's a villain. Yes, she created the most evil form of bending that in time would be used to cause war and misery. (Oh, xin chào there Amon!) Yes, she captured innocent people for the simple reason they were...
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A big topic of discussion around Azula is usually what kind of mental illness she has, I tend to discuss that thêm and put less talk into the reasons for her losing it.

I've always seen it as a combination of things. She was raised in a broken trang chủ with a banished mother and a banished and burned brother. I’ve always imagined that her father was very verbally abusive and put a lot of pressure on her to be perfect. And for a while she was perfect, but the một phút she Mất tích grip on that she started to slip. She was betrayed bởi both of her Những người bạn and then very shortly after that blow her father...
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Avatar the last airbender
uncle iroh
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 Art bởi firedragon2009
Art by firedragon2009
Kataang hoặc Zutara, we’re all here because we like one hoặc another. I myself, am on the Kataang side. So I decided to share why in one neat little article. Some parts are taken from my other article.

Why I Like Kataang

First and foremost, I like goofy, light hearted romance thêm than I do a serious and mature one. I like things that will make me laugh, something that isn’t full of angst and melancholy. Aang and Katara have thêm of a cute and fun relationship. Don’t get me wrong Kataang has it’s mature moments; such as the moments mentioned in the paragraph below. I don’t think a ship...
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