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posted by stellamusa101
 " I know alright, I know."
" I know alright, I know."
Katara : Stop it! bạn don't know what's waiting for an evil person like you!
Azula : I know alright, I know. *bends ngọn lửa, chữa cháy at Katara*
Katara : *hits a wall* Aahh!
Aang : *runs to Katara* Katara!
Katara : I'm fine, Aang. I'm fine.
Azula : bạn better not mess with me!
Zuko : I guess this means war.
Azula : You're right, Dumb-dumb.
Zuko : bạn better...
Azula : I am.. *bends ngọn lửa, chữa cháy to Zuko*
Zuko : *runs* Haarh! *bends ngọn lửa, chữa cháy to Azula*
Sokka : Okay, bạn two fight each other, while we just sit down and watch!
Toph : *laughs* You're funny.
Suki : Azula, bạn better---
Ozai : Should I? *bends ngọn lửa, chữa cháy to Suki*
Suki : *hits a tree* Aah!
Sokka : Suki! *runs to Suki*

Zuko : bạn better not play the dumb games....
Azula : Zuzu, do bạn know how hard I practiced?
Zuko : Don't tell that story again!
Azula : Should I tell with flashbacks hoặc not?
Aang : Ooh, I tình yêu flashbacks!
Azula : One--
Zuko : *bends ngọn lửa, chữa cháy to Azula*
Azula : *pushed to the bushes* Aahh!
Iroh : Ozai..
Ozai : Iroh.. *bends ngọn lửa, chữa cháy to Iroh*
Iroh : *runs away easily without getting hurt* That's the easy game.

Azula : *still in the bushes, looking at her hands that are covered with fire* Relax.. it's just simple fire.. relax. *takes a deep breathe* Don't be good... don't be,..
Zuko : *finds Azula in the bushes* What's the matter?
Azula : Go away, Zuzu!
Zuko : Azula?
Azula : *looks at her palms that are burning with fire* Uh.. this doesn't hurts, doesn't it?
Zuko : *walks inside the bushes and sees Azula's hands* Azula! That's--
Azula : Thanks for hurting me.. *in a low voice*
Zuko : bạn better see Katara, she can heal --
Azula : I don't need to be healed..
Zuko : don't?
Azula : No, no.. no.. *screams* I don't want to be healed I just want bạn to get out of my life! Why must bạn hunt me?
Zuko : Zula, this is a serious matter. bạn better get out of this bush.
Azula : Why? bạn don't care about me, do you? No, bạn don't! bạn just want me to get thêm injured!
Aang : *appears* So what are we talking about?
Azula : Shut up!