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 Ariana Grande Photoshoot 2012
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Seventeens "Delete Digital Drama" Campaign; photographed bởi Jones Crow.
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This Ariana Grande bức ảnh contains leotard, unitard, cơ thể phù hợp với, phù hợp với mèo, phù hợp với thân thể, phù hợp với cơ thể, and phù hợp với con mèo. There might also be đôi chân trần, pantyhose, quần bó sát, bó sát, chân trần, skintight quần, skintight, trần chân, skintight quần skintight, hàng dệt kim, ống, sản phẩm bít tất, vòi, quần, mặc vớ, quần ngựa, leotards, and bít tất quần mỏng.

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 Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande
This is my first lyrics bài viết so I hope I didn't make any mistakes and that u like it ^.^

Lemme see bạn put your hearts up, yeah
Lemme see bạn put your hearts up, yeah
If we give a little love, maybe we can change the world
You think you're so small like you're itty bitty
Just one match in the lights of the city
Walking bởi strangers on the side of the street
Like a quarter in a cupp'll get 'em off on their feet, like
You think you're never gonna make your mark
Sit back and watch the world while it falls apart, like
Out of site, out of mind, like, like
It's just a waste of time
Like, like, like

Hey yeah...
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Ariana Grande
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