Aquamarine Plz Help Me Guys

enca posted on Oct 03, 2008 at 07:10PM
u know,that par when quamarine dances with raymond in the splash party,when Claire and Hailey ask that song to the music band there,what is the title of the song i love it!

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hơn một năm qua hellgirl223 said…
i can help you, but since its a long time i haven't watched aquamarine, is it possible if you can give a video link the part when she dances because i dont quite remember. Since i dont remember much, i'll give you the soundtrack list of the songs played in the movie.

Soundtrack List:
Cheyenne Kimball – "One Original Thing"
Nikki Flores – "Strike"
Sara Paxton – "Connected"
Teddy Geiger – "Gentleman"
Teitur – "One and Only"
Atomic Kitten – "Right Now"
Emma Roberts – "Island in the Sun"
Jonas Brothers – "Time For Me To Fly"
Courtney Jaye – "Can't Behave"
Nikki Cleary – "Summertime Guys"
Mandy Moore – "One Way or Another"
Stellastarr – "Sweet Troubled Soul"
Bodyrockers – "I Like the Way You Move"
hơn một năm qua enca said…
Oh thank you my dear i got a very biiiiig help froem you,the song i was looking for is island in the sun!Thanx a million times
hơn một năm qua hellgirl223 said…
You're Welcome^^^
hơn một năm qua LisaForde said…
island in the sun and your welcome