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*SPOILER ALERT! If bạn haven't finished Attack on Titan yet, it'd be wise not to read this. There is no real MAJOR spoiler, but i'm just saying, just in case...*

Hi Guys! It's animegurl235 (My fanfiction account: link) and i'm nghề viết văn another AOT fanfiction ( well actually its just a one-shot) after like forever!

I'm sorry it took so long, i was just in a phase where i didn't feel like watching anime and instead all i did was draw it. lol. i have an IG account if u want to check out my artwork (animegurl 235) btw ^^.

But anyways I just finished attack on titan yesterday and was in complete shock...
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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto hoặc Soul eater, I made this người hâm mộ fiction for fun and for people to read and be entertained. So all rights go to their rightful owners I own nothing but the story line.

Rating: I'd rate this M because of swearing. There's a lot of it.


Naruto looked around where he and his Những người bạn were. It was a weird place. It was some sort of desert. He looked over to where his Những người bạn were. Ino, Sakura, Shikamaru, Rock Lee and Kiba all laid tiếp theo to each other passed out to his right. While Sasuke, Hinata, Neji, Tenten, Shino and Choji were all passed out to his left. He slowly...
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