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This video is not mine. Credit goes to MadDesiresStudio on YouTube.
Not the danh sách of the most được ưa chuộng hoặc most technically sound but my personal and very biased danh sách of anime that I loved watching and will continue to enjoy watching for years to come. That's right the very definition of favorite. Sadly this means I can't name them all (BUT I STILL tình yêu bạn MY ANIME) and of course there is the very real possibility of me watching an anime that knock the others down a notch but here, as of this moment, are my hàng đầu, đầu trang 20 so I hope bạn enjoy!

{Number 20} K project

I would like to start this danh sách bởi saying I enjoy shows with powers.... because I do. K project has an especially...
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This video is not mine. Credit goes to VisibleDesireStudio on YouTube.
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Masshiro peeji mekuru
Tobidasu irodoru hajikeru
Mangekyou no fuukei

Turning the snow-white page
Scenery jumps out and bursts into color
Like a kaleidoscope

Kidzukeba sutoorii wa mada
Gikochinaku hajimatta bakari
Shinkokyuu wo mou ikkai

But now I realize the story still
Had a clumsy beginning
So I take another deep breath

Tabisuru kaze
Tsutsumikomu bạn ni senaka osu

The traveling wind
Wraps itself around me and pushes me forward

Aa yawarakakute atatakai kimi no te
Nigirishimete sono kokoro no oku made todoku bạn ni
Hohoende kureta nara
Nigiri kaeshite kuretara
Boku wa tada mae wo miteru

Ah, I grasp...
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gods eater
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Source: Credit goes to creators of the các biểu tượng
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Number one pic
Sometimes we see this when the main character of a story is fighting against an enemy of seemingly unsurpassable might; with no other power to turn to, the main character resorts to teaming up with evil in order to defeat evil. And maybe, maybe, he’ll even draw his strength from this person hoặc nguồn of evil.


(If bạn already know all of this, I would encourage bạn to skip to the section in bold which reads “The Question”)

Ichigo Kurosaki is such a main character. The manga and anime Bleach is easily one of the most được ưa chuộng Japanese comics and television...
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Consentēs Diī Iūnō Iuppiter
Minerva Apollo Mars Ceres
Mercurius Diāna Bacchus
Volcānus Plūtō Vesta Venus

Olympian Gods: Juno, Jupiter,
Minerva, Apollo, Mars, Ceres,
Mercury, Diana, Bacchus,
Vulcan, Pluto, Vesta, Venus.

Madoromi no fuchi de mabuta ni tayutau

Deep in the abyss of light slumber, we sway with half-closed eyelids.

Musou no kami wa yuuga ni hohoemi shi wo kudashi
Jikuu wo suberu inga no kusari wa karamidasu

Smiling, the gods of dreams and fantaisie elegantly impart death,
while the chains of karma, which dictates time and space, are becoming tangled.

Kami no ataeshi kuusou Program...
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