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posted by Sammisaurus
A weebo is much like an Otaku. Weebo's-or commonly misspelled, Weaboo- is an over obsessive người hâm mộ of Japanese culture, and are giving Otakus a bad name. They revolve their whole lives around anime and manga, usually with the main stream material. The common Otaku likes anime, and does occasionally cosplay. Weebos just cosplay and watch anime to be like the Otakus. Weebos are usually Những người bạn with Otakus, and want to impress them. (So they watch Naruto, Inuyasha, etc.)
Most weebos speak Waponese, hoặc use Google translate to act like they know Japanese.
They misuse the words "Baka," "Kawaii desu,""Moshi-Moshi," "Aishiteru," and so much more.
Most of them use names on chatrooms with the word "Anime," "Kitty," "Maid," and "Manga" beware!
The otakus would like them out of their fanbase, please.

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The 1st is!
Excellen Browning (エクセレン • ブロウニング)
Origin: Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 (Impact)
Age 23. ATX-team member, code name Assault 2, ranking 2nd Lt. (少尉). Pilot of PTX-007-03C Weißritter (ヴァイスリッター).

A purely fun loving entertainer it's Excellen's habit to tease younger and thus less experienced crew-members, especially Bullet, on private matters like relationships, always speaking in an unserious cutey-girly manner. She's always first to add weird nicknames on others and intentionally mistakes idioms for some daily slapstick. Though hiển thị this...
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anime Used: In The Video (ending part) Music: Torqux - Psychopath