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Chapter 3

Days passed as Tsurara had to go through the same pattern. She would follow her master to school in the morning, watch him and his dear childhood friend laughing and talking, look as they chatted during lunch break, following him home. hoặc there would be days when she went to visit the Awarashi's clan. These days were busy, yet the feeling of hollow always took hold of her heart, and she had not felt alive even in one moment. She knew others noticed and worried for her. And she felt guilty for that too. But she could not order her tim, trái tim to obey anymore. Days she would wear a fake smile,...
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posted by yuki-onna
Chapter 2

When Tsurara was safely inside her room, she leaned back against the tightly shut shoji door. Then, she could not hold back anymore. Beads of tears that had been Nữ hoàng băng giá kept falling down to the floor while she sat there for a long time. The pain in her tim, trái tim was unbearable. Her loved one viewed her no thêm than his follower. And it was sad, knowing her tình yêu was not requited, even a bit. It was lucky that she had her own room now, hoặc she would have to explain to Kejouro. She did not want anyone to worry about her affair.

Sometimes, she felt very jealous of Kejouro and Kubinashi's relationship....
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posted by yuki-onna
Chapter 4

The familiar sound of her mother's shamisen woke her from her slumber as Tsurara opened her golden eyes. The door to the garden was opened and Setsura was leaning on the paper door, holding the instrument in her arms. The song her mother usually played for her when Tsurara was young filled her ears, and gave her the warm feelings of being home, of knowing there was someone who loved her.

Tsurara was lying on the futon she shared with her mother the night before. There were wet spots on the white mattress, where her Nữ hoàng băng giá tears had melted. She could not recall when did she cry as much...
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posted by yuki-onna
There was no doubt about it, in fact, no one can deny the fact.
Tsurara was one attractive Yuki-Onna.
It wasn't a surprised as many of her kind were known for their beauty, not to mention Setsura, the former Yuki-Onna of the Nura household, was her mother. But there was something about Tsurara that attracts all sorts of attention, including a certain young master of the Nura household.
More often than he liked, Rikuo would catch himself staring at his fellow clan mate with the look of a "love-sick boy," as Night Rikuo would say. He couldn't help it. Not after that incident in the hot spring when...
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