những cô gái trong anime who's your best anime character??! chose please!!

Pick one:
miku hatsune from(vacalaide)
luka from(vacalaide)
konata from(luky star).
azusa from(K-on)
mio from(K-on)
mugi from(K-on)
yui from(K-on)
ritsu from(K-on)
hina from (love hina)
chugo shara hoặc we now as amu.
lucia from(meimed melody)
hanon from(meimed melody)
coco from(meimed melody)
noel from(marmed melody)
sarah with dauther from(marmed melody)
all meirmaid melody!!
all K-on friend.
i tình yêu all anime character!!
i hate anime so much!!
yoyo / rima / amu.
Sango and Kagome (Inuyasha)
Added by inuyasha15
Ika Matsume
mew bá nh bánh bánh pudding from:(tokyo mew mew)
mew bánh bánh pudding from:(tokyo mew mew)
Added by fanny201169
yaya the friend of rima and amu
Added by tokyo201169
Lucy Heartfilia
Added by nade_nagihiko
Added by ChiHayashi
Fate Testarossa!!!
Added by mglncurefate
Added by loot65
Nako Oshimizu from Hanasaku Iroha
Added by MisterH
Asa Shigure (Shuffle!)
Inori Yuzuriha
Added by Anthonioh
Aoki Reika (Smile! Precure)
Added by dontmindmeyo
Super Sonico
Added by yanderesan
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