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Inspiring song. :0) Never give in just to fit in, stay true to yourself, remember bạn are one in a billion. PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER: Remember to treat all plants, động vật and bugs with care! They're individuals as well!
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rita:if there's a prize for rotten jugement I gess I've already won that no man is worth the agervashen that's ainchent history been there,done that.
Marlene,Stella,Kitty,Carmelita:who ya think you'r kidding he's the earth and heven to bạn try to keep it hidden girl we can see it right though ya(rita:oh nooooooo)we know how your feel and who your thinking of.
rita:nooo,no chance no way,I won't say it no no.
M,S,K,C:ya swoon ya sigh why deni it oh oh
rita:it's too chliche I won't say I'm in love(sho do so du la la oooh)I thouht my hart had learned it's lessen it feels so good when it start's out...
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This is SO funny! This is how I'd be on a plane! I tình yêu Animaniacs soooooooooo much!
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for starters, the three main charators were first drawn in 1929. and bạn might know they go bởi yakko ,wakko and dot. but 64 years later the cartoon animaniacs premeried on september 13 1993.and for 5 years they were a hit! they were awarded 62 awards. they made 12 video games,61 comic books,99 episodes,12 mcdonales toys,14 books,73 parides,and had 163 charactors. the main charactors were yakko,wakko,dot,d.r. scarchnsniff,hello nurse,raluh the garud,mr plots the c.e.o of WB,slappy and skippy squirrel,kolin the randy beman kid,and pinky and the brain.the minor main charactors were mr skullhead,maveria mink,the mime,snow ball,woodchuck,mindy and buttens,mr deiractor,and prunella flundergust.and142 other supporting cast.the main three vociees were rob paulson as yakko,jess harnell as wakko and tress macneil.and to bọc this up, try the best bạn can to bring back animaniacs.
We'll Be Together-

Just look into my eyes, and tell me what bạn see,
this looks thêm like van Nuys than Burbank to me,

Just listen to the call, oh and ain't it sweet?
No matter how we wall, fall we land on our feet.

Oh, bạn and I, we're like a masquerader, who travels incognito with a friend.

No matter where bạn go, you'll see me later,
I know We'll Be Together in the end.


Don't leave it up to fate, for the odds are slim,
Don't gamble with your life, bạn can never win.

We'll see her to the train,
then we'll leave Warsaw,

After the child is Reconciled
with her papa.

We'll Always Be Together-

bạn know I should have my head examined, the fact is
I could not go without you.

I'm fond of your slow wit,
and your bad hairdo,

We'll Always Be Together,
me and you.
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Rita (singing):
We can take care of ourselves, we're independent, me and you!
We don't need any humans to tell us what to do!
From now on, we're livin' where nobody can get in our way!

Runt (spoken):
And, uh, where is it we'll be living?

Rita (singing):

Runt (spoken)
Oh, that's right, like the cheese!

Rita (singing):
Monterey! Monterey!
It's the California livin' with the sun and surf and we'll never have to give in to another human master again!
It's Cannery Row for bữa tối, bữa ăn tối and then, we'll sleep on the bờ biển, bãi biển where the sand is heaped up in piles!
A litterbox of miles!

You'll never have to fetch another slipper again, no thêm having to pretend to be nice!
We're finally free, from now on, we'll be with the sun and the sand and the thundering seas on the cliffs of the harbor with the Cyprass trees!
And the Fisherman's Wharf is all there
in Monterey!
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I'm Nobody's Mama, got no family.
I'm a career cat and my career is all about me.

No one can tie me down, I'm goin' places straighten up, don't make those silly, sad face, it's rude. All right, I'll get food.

But that's it, after that you're on your own.

I'm too independent, they're so small. Now could I care for them, do I care at all?

I could never stand "Help me, Mama, feed me, Mama, need me, Mama, don't leave me, Mama!" I'd never tolerate that.

On the other hand, "Oh, my Mama, I tình yêu you, Mama, I will never leave you, Mama."

No, bạn got the wrong cat!
And did I mention, they want too much attention?!

I worry about 'em each ngày every minute,
I gotta tell bạn my head isn't in it!

I won't let my tim, trái tim talk cause it's ruled bởi my biological clock which is tickin' away!
No way, I mean what I say!
I'm single cat stray!
I'm Nobody's Mama!!!
Well I'm gonna write now.
Situation 1: Someone asks for water hoặc anything water related:
You want your pool? bạn want your water. I live inside a water tower. Why don't bạn try this gusher on for size!
Pretty lame, but I have more,
Situation 2: Someone asks "what did s/he say?":
I think s/he đã đưa ý kiến "Hoiil, how'd you? With the going, bạn were there but here now, for me to see, how'd ya do?
With haste, to the Maypole, I mean, next,
Situation 3: Someone Knocks on the door:
Nobody get's in to see the wizard not nobody not no how!!
Next situation,
Situation 4: Someone is being a jerk to bạn hoặc your just like...
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Do bạn have craving for a hiển thị that's really kind of wacky?! Yearning for some fun thats loony,kooky,zany,and slap-happy?!
Animaniacs are just the perfect thing to hit the spot!
tham gia us cause he's Wakko,I am Yakko,and this is Dot!
We escape on Saturday and every weekday afternoon!
We run amok with the other wild,crazy toons!
Theres Pinky and the Brain,
and Chicken Boo,
to name a few!
We surprise you,tentalize you,and vaporize you!
Come tham gia in the fun,you're really gonna have blast!
Be sure to see us crazy Animaniacs!
Six days a week on cáo, fox Kids!
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This is great,
this is perfect,
it's always the same thing with cats,
there's always some ignorant human assumin' we like to chase rats!

I'm gettin' real sick of this Stereotypical View!
We can't be controlled and we hate to be told what to do!

They misunderstand us, they can't command us!
We don't purr if we're not in the mood!
Humans believe that the động vật tình yêu them but
all we want is their food!

I can't take this job, I won't work for
that slob anyhow!
I'm tellin' Runt that
it's over, we're leavin' right now!