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 White Tiger
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Done with pencil and Microsoft Paint.
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white tiger
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My name is Ace.
I used to be your dog.
I just wanted to tell bạn how I felt over all those years.
You were my best friend. bạn always let me sleep with you, and we would go for walks everyday. I always loved it when bạn got me a new toy, and treats would come daily. When I chewed up your shiny thingy that played music, bạn just chuckled and gently-but firmly-told me not to do it again. bạn would always say,"Well he IS a puppy." and everything would be all right.
I would always know when I shouldn't do something again because when I got in trouble bạn would lightly hit me on the head. That's all...
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Eight pieces of information about động vật that not many people know. Something I thought fellow animal những người đang yêu would find interesting! Made bởi CGPGrey on YouTube.
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