I was too afraid to out a picture of an actual spider, so here's a Yu-Gi-Oh! monster based on it, instead.
I know this may seem like a ngẫu nhiên idea for an article, because I'm sure almost everyone shares my disgust for them, so there's no point of nghề viết văn down why I hate them. But still, Summer Vacation is almost finished here, and I wanted to write a short bài viết to end the Vacation with.

The reason why I want to write down my thoughts of why I'm afraid of spiders is because a few days ago, I saw a big con nhện, nhện in my father's bathtub when I visited him. I had no intention of bothering it, but still, its presence alone terrified me. And after thinking about it for a little while, I formed some pretty good points of why I'm scared of them. Heck, even nghề viết văn about them gives me shivers.

Now, Spiders aren't the biggest thing I'm afraid of, but they are in the hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 for many reasons. One of them being their appearance.
I'm sure everybody can agree that spiders, especially tarantulas are some of the creepiest, most disturbing, ugly, and just revolting looking creatures on earth. The look like something out of a nightmare: The 8 eyes and legs, the fangs, and if we include tarantulas, the big size and hair.
Every time I look at them, whether a regular con nhện, nhện hoặc tarantula, I feel petrified. It's as if they're looking at me with their eight eyes and are ready to feast on my flesh. They're not creatures of thought hoặc emotion; they're creatures of pure instinct.
Not to mention, the way the walk is also really disturbing. Smaller spiders are quick and nimble, which is already scary, but the slower and calmer pace of the tarantulas are what scare me the most. the fact that they walk so slowly is like it's waiting for the right moment to strike and devour me.
I remember one scene from the 50's The Fly movie, where the main characters head was switched with a fly's, and he's caught within a spiders web. The close-up of that spiders face utterly terrified me. Another good example is from the movie "Arachnophobia", where during the climax, it zooms in on both the lead spider's face and fangs.
Every time I see a close-up of their face, I have to cover it up so I wouldn't have to look at it.

The một giây reason why I'm scared of them is because of how deadly they are. Sure, in the wild, they're deadly to smaller creatures, like insects, but they are also deadly to bigger birds and reptiles...and humans.
Coming back to "Arachnophobia", the film was about a giant jungle con nhện, nhện mating with a house spider, and producing hundreds of offsprings that can kill a single human with one bite. While bạn think that this is just made up, think again. Sure, there exists many spiders that can kill humans bởi biting them and injecting the venom, but there also exists many breeds of spiders, that can kill bạn with one bite, hoặc worse.
There are also some spiders that when bite you, can cause some stupendously awful side-effects. For instance, there's a con nhện, nhện race who's name I can't remember, but I do remember what it can do. Basically, if that kind of con nhện, nhện bites you, it will give bạn a full-hour long painful erection, and kill you. Another race of spiders can make your leg rot and fall off, just with one bite! I swear I'm not making these up.
A good chunk of these come of Australia. While Australia may seem like an interesting place, it's actually a place filled with the most dangerous and deadly creatures on Earth, and that includes spiders and tarantulas.
I remember when I was little, I tried to bring a small wooden chair from the phòng bếp, nhà bếp to my room, but it turned out that it had a small house con nhện, nhện under it, and the moment I put my finger on it, it bit me. My finger was swollen up and it hurt a lot - I thought I was going to die.

I remember back in my 4th grade, a movie was airing on TV called "Eight Legged Freaks". It's an action-comedy B-Movie about radioactive giant spiders terrorizing a town. I used to be afraid of watching it, because it had giant spiders in it. But after a while, I noticed how fake the spiders look and I wasn't afraid it. However, I'm still pretty terrified whenever I see that giant một giống nhện, tarantula hoặc that giant Black Widow.

While these are the reasons I'm afraid of them, I also kind of hate them because they've become kind of irrelevant.
Much as I don't like them, they do serve a purpose. flies lay their eggs on corpses so when the eggs hatch, the larvae can help the body to decompose faster. Sure, flies flying around are annoying, but this is where spiders and tarantulas come in. They exist to devour and eat pesky flies and mosquitoes, and they work especially well in trang chủ because they can help the people to get rid of the flies.
However, with the invention of pesticides, poison can sprays such as Raid, fly paper, and exterminators; spiders have run their course and we have no use for them anymore. Why should we let spiders do our work when we can get rid of spiders and mosquitoes ourselves? I'm sure many of bạn will disagree, but that's how I see it.

However, I won't say that spiders aren't fascinating. if spiders never existed, we never would've had characters such as: Spider-Man; Spider-Gwen; Tarantulas from Beast Wars; etc. Spiders/tarantulas served as an influence for many of media's most recognizable characters. Heck, I've seen many creature designs that were inspired bởi spiders that look really cool. But that doesn't mean I'm not afraid of them.

I've seen some people keeps spiders as domesticated pets, and I while I'd be utterly terrified to see them, I do respect those who can actually see the good in them. However, the only reason why I'd keep a con nhện, nhện so I can squash it into oblivion.

Last year, I watched a video that counted down 5 facts about spiders, and why some theories people believe are bogus. Like how spiders lay eggs under our skin, hoặc that spiders crawl into our mouths. Personally, I don't believe in those kind of stories, because they sound so extreme that they end up sounding ridiculous.
Much as I don't like them, they are docile creatures, and only attack when they feel threatened. That's why I'm trying to stay as calm as possible when I see one...or just walk away.

bởi the way, they rain spiders in Jamaica. I'm dead serious.

As always, Smell ya' Later!