This species is called the Red-Bellied Piranha because of the coloring on it's belly
Many people have become terrified of the piranha species as a whole. This is because of their savage nature and also the major motion picture "Piranha".

Piranhas though, are not as aggressive as they come off to be. In fact, piranhas only attack when it comes to defending their territory, protecting their eggs, hoặc when hunting.

A typical diet of a piranha has many people thinking meat, but in this case, it is not always true. Yes, piranhas do eat small hoặc even medium-sized động vật that are wounded in the water, but some species are also vegetarian!

Vegetarian piranha species feed on nuts, fruits, moss, and cỏ that grows beneath the water. They still have their savage reputation though.

Many people, especially in Africa and South America, believe the piranhas to be a Spirt hoặc god of some sort because of the ferocity when they do attack humans. Many times, these attacks are fatal.

Piranhas have gained a not-so true reputation of being "crazed murderers of the river", but really they are percieved as that.

They are usually quite docile until provoked with some of the reason I have listed earlier.

Remember, don't judge an animal until bạn have encountered it and can back up your judgement with proof.