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I started playing Animal Crossing Wild World, first, all ok but... when I play alot, BOREDOM! Here, like this:
1. When I shake trees, I LUCKY get NEW furniture and a MONEY $ $ Moneyz!!! But... I GET bee stung, luckily I has medicene that I want sent to Peewee, but I abuse about that and I eat it, I get a money from Lyle, 100 bells due I sign his Isurance and he has... DAMAGE ISURANCE?! POW PURFECKACE CITY!!! HAR HAR HAAAAAAAAAAAAR!
2. I chasing Banded Dragonfly, but it ESCAPE away... LOL! HARDZ!!!!
3. This is most annoying moment: 1x Hit= Escicada 2x hit= Esescicada 3x hit POW!!!! PURFECKACE CITY...
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How to shoot down pete : Get a slingshot and go up to the town up all the way and i will post a video of this because i cant find the cheat for it thats all i remembered XD
How To Become Những người bạn With ...
How to become Những người bạn with sable
talk to her everyday the one in the left up corner sowing clothes is the one bạn need to talk too. How To Become Những người bạn with blathes and celeste Talk to em everyday and blathes will say he deste bugs and gives bạn a fossil and 2,000 bells if bạn give him a cá instead of a bug
become Những người bạn with brewster go and buy his coffee each ngày and the longer bạn do it he will add ingredints in it
How To Get Black and golden hoa hồng : plant hoa hồng in a row NON SPENRATED and thatas it for now BYE
A. bạn get to decorate and create your own house
B. bạn get to live with different animals, with different personalities and different ways of life
C. bạn learn how to live and make money without a job
D. No fighting in the game, and no pressure XD
E. Neightbors actually give bạn things on your birthday
F. There are so many different furnitures and items to put in your house
G. bạn can thiết kế your own clothing
H. Your town celebrates holidays
I. Many special events, like that bug catching ngày and stuff
J. bạn can name your own town XD
K. In new leaf bạn can be the mayor
L. No parents to boss bạn around...
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posted by RenesmeeFan
I sat awkwardly in the back of the cab, barely listening to the driver, Kapp'n, talk about how dreary and lonely his life was. It was a sunny ngày in northern Yorkshire. Though still a misery; gum was still stuck to the paths, litter still rolled by, teenagers still swaggered bởi abandoned apartments they had rented to make themselves seem cool and superior. I couldn’t complain though, because we began to pass through a wood where trees were covered in moss, birds sang and the sunlight left soft little dapples on the road, were we even driving on a road?
"Um, I think bạn missed a turn back there,...
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posted by foxygal
It was a hot June ngày when punchy moved into my town. I could hear the cicadas chirping and the sound of a balloon passing by. I went over to his house and he still hadn't un-packed. He told me to visit him the tiếp theo ngày but I just couldn't because he is the best character in animal crossing. Well thats my opinion anyways. The tiếp theo couple of days I talked with him, he had become my best friend! He came over to my house for awhile and the tiếp theo ngày he sent me a yellow bar áo sơ mi for letting him visit. The tiếp theo couple of weeks went by. I went to punchy's but he wasnt there. went around town looking...
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posted by ambercrystal
When I tell people that Animal Crossing Wild World is one of my favourite games for my DS (OK lets face it... one of my favourite games in general) they always roll their eyes hoặc tell me that I am crazy and have no taste for video games. Well, I ask bạn this. Aren't video games designed and created to appeal to the masses? We can't all be obsessed with gory shoot 'em ups, hoặc racing games. Some of us might like to unwind and relax while playing a fun and oddly pointless yet addictive game.

Animal Crossing Wild World provides the people who play it an escape from the real world without the need...
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posted by Ilovesonic47873
How To See Tom Nooks House:
Get a regular shovel hit the back of his store 3 times and hit the front door 1
How To Get 10,000 Bells:
Change The ngày To 1/1/(whatever năm bạn like) Then Chck Your Mail It Will Be From Mom And A Present of 10,000 bells is in there
how to get the golden tools and how to obtain: golden shovel : get 2 shovels bury 1 and wait 24 hours bury back up it will be golden. Golden Watering can : Keep the eviorment clean for 2 weeks (14 days) and bạn will revice a golden watering...
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posted by bastetsBFF
Tom Nook came out of his sad shack with a bike and several big and small packages. He tied the packages onto the bikes back basket with sturdy rope and handed me a piece of paper with names and stores on it. "Those are the people that require the packages. Use that to help bạn out!"
"Okay, sir."
"Heheheheh! No need to waste such, get going, go now, go now!"
With that, I got on the bike and rode downhill, then north to the Town Hall for the first delivery. Pelly was drinking some coffee and combing through important sheets of red printed paper. "Excuse me," I began, "I have a package from Nook's...
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posted by bastetsBFF
After 10:00 Caroline fell asleep. I lay awake thinking of what lay ahead of me. A new house! New friends! A new life! It all seemed to come too quickly.... A sudden idea came into my mind. I decided to tell Caroline later, when she woke up maybe...

Ring! Ring! A loud ringing snapped me awake. Caroline giggled. "Come on sleepyhead, it's 5:00, Pete will be here soon." Pete? I decided not to ask. Caroline gave me a pine green tray with bacon, eggs, and French bánh mì nướng with a cup of trái cam, màu da cam juice. "Eat up and get dressed. I have some gifts for you."

Like the dinner, Caroline's thực phẩm was delicous! I...
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posted by bastetsBFF
I turned to pay the fare, but Kapp'n's bus was already driving away. Free bus ride, I thought, cool. What did he say? Oh, right! To go to the Town Hall. I searched my pockets for the map Rover gave me. I unfolded it as soon as I found it. The Town Hall was just a little west. I took the short journey there,but came across a shack before so. The big, white sign read in horrible handwriting, Nook's Cranny. Vines of curiosity curled around me, choking me to go in. I walked onto concrete, then opened the door the creaked loudly. The place was a dump! A large con nhện, nhện web hung in the window and cracked...
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posted by bastetsBFF
Wild World:

This game was based off of Animal Crossing the Movie. I do enjoy it because it is portable and has thêm relaxation than the bustling City in CF. Wild World isabout the same thing as other AC Games, but unlike the gamecube version and CF bạn share a house with three others. Wild World is one of my các sở thích because the options never end. There's always something to do. bạn set goals for yourself and they may be completed some day. There are so many secrets to recieve exclusive items that bạn gotta keep playing to learn them! Also, if bạn feel queasy from all the gore from Mortal Kombat...
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posted by bastetsBFF
This is NOT my town hoặc character, just hope bạn like it!

The dream of my life was getting closer. Finally, I could live alone! The bus stopped and a blue and white cat in red garments walked on. "Hello there," he said, "Hate the raining don't you?" "No sir," I replied. Looking slightly shocked, the cat asked, "What's your name bởi the way? I'm Rover." "Oh, I'm Fauna." "Perfect name for a sweet female like yourself, eh?" Rover chided.
"Yes, I suppose."
"Don't suppose, know!" exclaimed Rover with pure cheer. "By the way, Fauna where are bạn going?"
I never had thought of such things.
"I don't know..."...
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posted by starskittles
"Aurora!" I cried. Aurora's eyes shimmered in the moonlight as i sliced the rope with my shiny silver axe. "Are bạn okay?" "Yah *gasp* me!....take me home!" Aurora screamed. I carried her to her house and set her on the fuzzy sofa. Aurora explaimed what had happen to her. I grapped a vôi green notepad and wrote down the story Aurora examined. "Why don't bạn come to my house 8:00 in the morning to explain the guy who tied bạn up. Hot coco w/creamy marshmellows in it will be waiting on the bàn for us." As i walked out the door there it was, the strange figure in the dark. I ran after the guy, trying to get a closer look at him, but it was too late, he was gone bởi then.

To be continued....

posted by starskittles
I was on my way to Rosie's house when all of a sudden a strange figure popped up behind a đào tree. I was so scared i ran as fast as i can to the town hall. Once i was there i quickly explained to Pelly and Tortimer what had happen. Pelly gave me a weird look, then she đã đưa ý kiến she'll call the police to see who hoặc what the strange figure was. "Don't worry Candy, we'll do our best to find out what the figure was" Pelly said. "Maybe try talking to other people in Fruity (the town). I bet they might have some clues to give bạn Candy" Tortimer exlaimed. As i walked out of the building I heard someone scream "HELP!" I scurried to where the noise came from. The noise carried me to where Aurora was, tied up in a chair.

To be continued...

I walked into the town hall and bạn would not belive what I saw It was a white bồ nông, pelican working here! Hello what can I do for you? she asked um... I moved here I replied OH bạn must be Kelly I'm Pelly the clerk here I work here in mornings and afternoons my sister phyillis who is a màu hồng, hồng pellican works here nights and earls mornings oh if I were bạn when bạn see her be careful she đã đưa ý kiến in a lower tone I diddent like the sound of Phylis. She then showed me a map and đã đưa ý kiến that my house was the green one there was 3 other houses. Um Pelly who are those other 3 houses I asked OH there your neighbours it says there name at the side go and meet them. So I walked out and looked at there names it đã đưa ý kiến Lucy, Kody and vịt đực, drake what a strange but nice place I thought going to meet my neighbours...
I got into a cab a weird type of animal thing was the driver. Strange I thought. Hi I'm Kapp'n he đã đưa ý kiến whats your name? Um... i'm Kelly. Well hi Kelly where are bạn off to? Oh... My trang chủ I replied. So your going to My trang chủ is that correct? Huh I thought His home??? Well I might as well see his house I thought. Yes that's where I'm going to I said. It was raining in the journey but when we got there, there was táo, apple trees and it was sunny we stopped at a building. So this is your trang chủ I asked him. this is the town hall and this town is My trang chủ just like bạn asked to go to. OH NO I thought he ment TOWN name but it was to late Okay well bye then I đã đưa ý kiến and he drove off into the sunset...
posted by Eeveecutie13
One ngày in Animal Town two besties (Porta and Rosie)had been invited to a swimming party that's at 8:30.When they where ready Rosie's sister asked to read her a giường time story.Her story went something like this... "One ngày in vally villie a girl's little sister asked her to read her a giường time story before she went to a very important party. THE END" Before sissy had any thing to say Porta and Rosie left the bulding to go the party.They where on there way when then Pelly asked them to tell what is thêm apporpite to start a story. Porta said"One Day." "Thanks" When they got to the party the...
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posted by swiftluver
i'm getting animal crossing D.S. finally!!!! i don't care if u don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! my Những người bạn would b happy.






I'm gonna go eat some pie.