For advancement in spiritual world we need to surrender ourselves to spiritual “Guru” (teacher). Surrender here means with body, mind, tim, trái tim and most important with our “ego”. Why is it important to surrender ego? It is because ego stops us in surrendering ourselves to guru. Therefore to surrender to guru, it is very important to remove ego within us. Here we will try to know kinds of ego found within us.

Within us we can find two kind of ego. The first one very familiar with us related to “I, me, mine etc”. As we assume I’m the doer, achiever of something, it is mine etc. This is the most common form of ego.

The một giây one can is known as “Negative Ego”. Why we call it as negative ego? It can be explained with this story—

While going to take bath in river a saint saw a particle of sand. It was very sad. As saint was omniscient, he understood the feelings of sand. Knowingly, he asked- “Why are you, so sad?” Sand replied- “I’m very weak and there is no any existence of me in this world, even river and air took me from here to there….” Listening to sand, saint replied—“You don’t remember, bạn were a part of big mountain. Since bạn Mất tích the contact with the mountain and bạn became a stone. River carried bạn through the valley on the way; bạn Mất tích the identity of stone and became sand. Because of separation from the mountain bạn became what bạn are now. He added- “If bạn will surrender yourself soon the ngày will come when a contractor will come and take bạn from here and bạn will be part of a great monument. But bạn must surrender yourself with “negative ego” so bạn will get a new identity”. Listening to this the sand was very happy. Saint moved from there to take bath. After few days a contractor came and took the sand. Now sand has become a part of great monument and it was impossible to find the identity of sand hoặc we can say his identity became as a monument.

Thus to grow spiritually we need to surrender both kind of ego to our spiritual guru. And as story also narrates if we surrender our ego to spiritual guru he will work as a contractor and will lead us to monument i.e. God himself as contractor did with sand.

With Blessings of “Shirdi Sai Baba”

Pravin Kumar Ojha

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