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posted by lilylove89
"One night when me and my stepdad was outside in the backyard listening to some music.I was looking at something.Then my stepdad told me to look at this star.then i looked at was comeing to us.And it lit my whole backyard.while the other backyards were dark.then it went away."
"When my step-Grandmother past away.I was so Upset.Because i was so close to her.i wasn't very happy.i mean people tried to make me happy.but it didn't work.So when i was in my room.I heard this horn noise.and i knew it wasn't no car hoặc train horn.Then i asked my mom and my stepdad."Did bạn here that big horn noice."But my mom đã đưa ý kiến no.while my stepdad đã đưa ý kiến yes.ANd then i knew she was with the angels.
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