“Unheeded warnings pushed me to the ground,

They pushed harder and harder till they knocked me down.

Only left with the desire to rise,

Into those lovely empyreal skies.

My wrongdoings, my feelings of hate,

Caused me to carry this troublesome weight.

To make things right is not always the goal,

I will be free when I earn someone’s soul.

I must win one heart,

Somehow, someway,

hoặc after ten years I won’t live one thêm day.

My dire situation, with my trust and my fear,

I must find just one person, one person to hold dear.

The skies are calling,

I’m wanting to fly.

My wings are broken, Nữ hoàng băng giá stiff and bare.

But I must find someone,

Somehow, somewhere,

To help with the search, to help with my goal,

I must capture,

An untainted new soul.”

(c) Waverly L. Harris

Although at first glance this may not be relative to all the ideas that bạn may have about thiên thần and such, let me explain:

The poem is a bout an Angel who got Mất tích in their choices and wants a một giây chance. They want to repent. But to prove that they have changed they must 'capture' a heart, hoặc fall in tình yêu with someone. That person must give up everything for him so that he can go back. They must give their whole tim, trái tim to him. He has ten years to prove that he has changed. And if he doesn't complete this task before his ten years are up, he disappears and leaves nothing behind but a memory.