My version would be something like this:

Angel got a phone call from Giles that Buffy's in trouble "The Immortal". Spike overheard the situation about his slayer is in trouble bởi there worst enemy.

Spike: Look I not going to win over her just to save her, well I am going to save her because I tình yêu her.

Angel: Are your sure, I mean do bạn really think that Buffy would still want bạn back?

Spike: Oh, I see bạn think that all powerful with a soul, but look I fought for my soul for Buffy. bạn just got it because it was your punishment for being all evil.

Angel: Shut up! bạn don't know her they way I do!

Spike: I Damn well know her way better than you!

Both Spike & Angel are in Rome to save Buffy from The Immortal. Angel was remembering his past with Spike of the torment of The Immortal. Spike, was thinking about his final moments with Buffy holding him in his arms. And Buffy's last words that he will never forget.

Angel: Forget about the other Wolfram & Hart just find Buffy to fight the Immortal.

Spike: Alright then!

Angel & Spike found Buffy's apartment and saw Buffy there. She was shocked and freaked out that Spike is back.

Buffy: Spike your back, I-I thought Andrew was lying, but hell of it just glad that your back.

Spike: What the hell, I told Andrew clearly not to tell you.

Buffy: What bạn don't want me know that bạn are alive.

Angel: ok, bạn guys are making me sick.

Spike: Shut up

Buffy: Spike how bạn are alive, I mean I watched bạn die.

Spike: I know luv, I am sorry how much I hurt for what happen.

Buffy: It's ok, but what happened?

Spike: Back in LA, Angel got a package and I came out of the amulet, and I was a ghost and bam all solid now.

Buffy: Damn what is it with me, with ma cà rồng coming back for me

Angel: What ?

Spike: Well, luv sorry with all the reunion here, but we heard from Giles that bạn may need us to defeat the Immortal.

Buffy: Yeah, do bạn have information about them?

Angel: Well, me and Spike had fought them way back(Angel past with The Immortal and Spike)

Buffy: SO how we kill them?

Spike: No idea

So, after this conversation was over the slayer and her ma cà rồng came along with her to find Giles was expecting news that Spike is alive.After that Spike,Buffy and Angel found clues to defeat them.

Angel: Well, we got to go

Buffy: Where?

Spike: LA

Buffy; Well, thank bạn guys for all your help, and Spike I am glad that bạn are back.

Spike: Thanks luv

Angel: Come on Spike!

Buffy gave them both a kiss. Spike and Angel were disgusted that Buffy kissed them both...LOL

Spike: bạn know this really sucks, that Buffy still has feelings for you!

Angel: I really don't care, but bạn Spike, I never told bạn this but I can't believe that I am going to tell this. But I don't care, Buffy told me way back before I left Sunnydale, that bạn are in heart, and that I pushed her to admitt herself that she loves you.

Spike: Bloody hell, bạn really care about our relationship.

Angel: Yeha well whatever.

xin chào Slayage 09" những người hâm mộ please tham gia now! Here is my version for a fanfiction that I got an idea for "The Girl in Question" from Angel Season 5