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tình yêu Exists (Audio)

Evanescence: Amy recording SYNTHESIS (Imperfection)

Evanescence - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Live Whitney Houston Cover)

Evanescence Going Under. Manchester Apollo 7.11.2011.

Evanescence - The Change (Live in Germany)

Amy Lee - Your tình yêu (Full Song)

Evanescence's Amy Lee Performs Using a Hello Kitty Keyboard

AMY LEE - "If You're A Star"

AMY LEE - "If You're A Star" Official Audio

AMY LEE - "Dream Too Much" Official Audio

Amy Lee - "Going To California" bởi Led Zeppelin

AMY LEE - "It's A Fire" bởi Portishead

Evanescence - Full album 2011

Final fantaisie Whisper(Evanescence)

Evanescence - Forgive Me

Evanescence - Don't Fear The Reaper (Vino's Bar Little Rock - 1999)HD

Evanescence - Catherine (Live May 1999)

Evanescence - Together Again

Evanescence - bạn can't kill the me in bạn

Evanescence - October (lyrics)

amy lee lithium acoustic version live

Seether - Broken ft. Amy Lee

Amy Lee: Evanescence Has Gone Underground

'My Immortal' (A Super Rare Version)

Evanescence - It's Scary, There's Pressure - An interview with Amy Lee

'Listen to the Rain' bởi Amy Lee

Amy Lee - Interview (

'You' bởi Amy Lee

Gibson interviews Evanescence's Amy Lee

Amy Lee Interview

Amy Lee - tim, trái tim Shaped Box

Amy Lee - VEVO Stylized

bring me to life

going under

Amy Lee - Sally's Song - Live

Full Performance] Amy Lee - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - buổi hòa nhạc Video

Amy's funny moments

Making of 'Lithium' (HD)

Making of 'My Immortal'

Haunted - Live

Taking over me (Music video)

Hello ( âm nhạc Video)

Amy talks about 6 of her songs!

Lithium - Live

Going Under - Live

My Immortal - Live

Intervista ad Amy Lee degli Evanescence

Amy backstage at Rock am Ring 2012

Sally's song

"Like you" bởi Amy Lee

Breath no thêm

InMusic Live Lounge Interview

Amy Lee from Evanescence Block TV Interview

Evanescence Track bởi Track (Part 2)

Evanescence Track bởi Track (Part 1)

Amy Lee answering những người hâm mộ câu hỏi @NMEtv

Amy Lee ''When I Was 17 ''

Evanescence on The giờ with George Stroumboulopoulos

Small Talk with Evanescene's Amy Lee

The People vs. Amy Lee

Sirius XM artist confidential Acoustic Session


Mất tích in Paradise - live

secret door lyrics

Evanescence usa tour 2012- interview with amy lee

Weight of the World (Acapella)

Evanescence - My tim, trái tim is Broken (Unofficial âm nhạc Video)

Happy Birthday Amy Lee


call me when your sober


taking over me


my last breath




everybody's fool

my immortal

bring me to life

going under

sweet sacrifice

Evanescence New Album xem trước 2011

Amy Lee/Hartzler Evanescence Interview (Much Music)

Amy Lee- các câu trả lời your các câu hỏi


Amy Lee - Secret Door

Big Dismal - Missing bạn Feat. Amy Lee

AOL âm nhạc Behind the Scenes

Amy @ American âm nhạc Awards 2003

Amy Lee in studio May 11, 2011

Bring Me To Life live

Amy Lee Sings Mariah Carey

hàng đầu, đầu trang 20 Rock of MTV 10 years

Terry & Amy Video6Pack

Evanescence behind the âm nhạc

Ben & Amy interview

Amy interview

Amy interview in Turkey

Amy - Your tình yêu