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News by ryanvo posted hơn một năm qua
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Hi Am Drag fans, I'm planning to start a campaign to save American Dragon series, but first I'm forming a team to lead this campaign. We will launch an online petition to fight for a new season and we will have a Facebook page, an Instagram account and a website to promote the petition. This petition is gonna be huge, since we'll be aiming for 50,000+ signatures.

It's been thêm than 8 years since the hiển thị got cancelled, but the tình yêu and momentum of fighting for a new season from Am Drag những người hâm mộ never faded away. And our goal is to give the những người hâm mộ what they have been fighting for: a new season and an official Disney American Dragon Facebook page. This campaign will be a long run, which might take months hoặc even years to accomplish, but we will be working as a team to support each other and it will be a valuable experience in leadership and teamwork for all of us.

If bạn want to take part as a leader hoặc have any questions, please email me at
Fan fiction by DrBsNumber1Fan posted hơn một năm qua
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Jake: Yo this is Jake Long the American Dragon
I save the world from evil and baby I ain't bragging
Right now I'm partying with my girl Ke$ha
bạn wanna come along with me well then you'd better catch up

K$: (chorus)
Hello. Wherever bạn are
Are bạn dancing on the dance floor hoặc drinking bởi the bar?
Tonight we do it big and shine like stars
We don't give a what cause that's just who we are
And we are, we are we are, we are we are
The crazy kids. Them crazy, them crazy kids
And we are, we are we are, we are we are
The crazy kids. We are the

We are the crazy people.

I see bạn in the club hiển thị Ke$ha love
They tripping on them them them that be hating catch a dub
Chugging deuces. Y'all hating's useless. It's such a nuisance
Yo chickens keep your 2 cents
And keep your dollars keep your loot

I'm fresher than that Gucci. Them boys they want my coochie
Article by Renarimae posted hơn một năm qua
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The trích dẫn that the characters will nver say.

Jake: Ugh! Hip-hop sucks! Rose sucks too!
Rose; I am the hottest chick on Earth. Danika's hideous!
Trixie: LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!
Spud: I'm horrible at hacking into computers!
Lao Shi: Dragon Training is cancelled forever.
Fu: I hate being an animal guardian.
Huntsman: I am like, in tình yêu with magical creatures.
#88: What the hell are we waiting for? Die stupid dragons!
#89: Let's go kill every magical creature we see.
Rotwood: xin chào Jake, wanna' make out?
Haley: I wanna' get in trouble, I wanna' start a fight!
Jonathan: What?! I'm gonna' hit bạn so hard, it will make your ancestors dizzy.
Susan: Jake, I hate you! I wish Brad was my son instead of you!
Sun: War, guns, adrenaline, violence, oh yeah!
Brad: Damn it, Rose! Get away from me bạn bitch!
Stacey: Oh Spud, I tình yêu you!
Nigel: Jake, let's be BFFs!
Danika: Jake is an ugly piece of crap!
Article by h2o-fen-site posted hơn một năm qua
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Jake's just your average 13-year-old video game-playing, comic book-loving, giày trượt băng, skate boarding kid... except for, bạn know, that whole dragon thing.

first appearance: "Old School Training"
voiced by: Dante Basco
Jake is the first American Dragon

Jake's Dragon Master comes from a long line of powerful Chinese Dragons. He just moved to New York to train Jake as the first American Dragon.

first appearance: "Old School Training"
voiced by: Keone Young

Grandpa's sidekick Fu Dog is a 600-year-old Shar-Pei.
Once he and Granps went to fight the Dark Dragon, but ended up getting knocked out during the battle.

first appearance: "Old School Training"
voiced by: John DiMaggio

Jake's main pal Trixie is a totally cool skateboard rat, just like Jake. She also leads the way at school when it comes to new fashion and âm nhạc trends.

first appearance: "Old School Training"
voiced by: Kittie
Article by amdrag1 posted hơn một năm qua
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Nintendo DS
Not many people know of any American Dragon games being made ,but fortunatley 2 were.Both of them were released on the same day,October 12 2006,One for Game Boy Advance and the Other for Nintendo DS.They were two completely different games though.The one released for DS was called Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long, Attack of the Dark Dragon.The aim of the game is to save Rose from the Dark Dragon,you can dragon up to battle hoặc go back to being human Jake.When a player has a dragoned up they can fly, breathe ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and perform tail whips.

The game is set in 5 different magical worlds, and the game has over 20 different levels to complete.Game Spot Rated it 8.5/10 which is a very good rating.

The GBA game is called Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long, Rise of the Huntsclan it is a similar concept flying through different worlds to attack magical creatures.The differences are the noticably lower graphics and instead of saving Rose bạn must stop the Huntsclan,there are over 30 different magical creatures to battle with.This game rates 6.5/10 on Gamespot.
Opinion by amdrag1 posted hơn một năm qua
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When I first got into watching American Dragon I loved it and I still do but I realy can't understand why it ceased production.It had everything!;romance,comedy,action,mystery,drama,fantasy and most importantly morals behind the stories.I mean ratings for the hiển thị can't have been that bad.Could they?....Or it's a marketing technique make us realy want it badly and then when it comes back with new episodes we can't keep our eyes off of it.I Bet thats it.Anyway,this is about it for my ranting and raving........For today.