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posted by ameliarose2002
Please note that this is from my book on WattPad.... So it is from the first book....

Name: Amelia Rose

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 14 to 15

Gender: Female

Hight: 95cm

Weight: 37kg

Residence: South Island

Personality: Rude, funny, kind

Interests: Plants

Likes: Being with her friends

Dislikes: Pink, girly stuff

Fears: Lava and/or fire, Damien Rose(father)

Strengths: Brave(most of the time), caring

Weakness: Fire, cold places

Love interest: no one(yet >:) )

Friends: Hex, Annie

Enemies: Eggman, Sonic and friends(sometimes)

Family: Damien Rose(father), Elizabeth Rose(mother), Hannah(Older Sister), Max Rose(Twin Brother)...
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posted by ameliarose2002
Last time, Hex got badly hurt bởi Knuckles, and now, Amelia and Hex are wanting revage. They got a friend of thiers and now are going to kick the living shits out of Sonic and his friends.

Once Annie saw Amelia, she hugged her so titling.

Annie: Oh Amelia! It seems like years!

Amelia: Because it's been a year, Annie.

Annie: Oh... Yeah... I totally knew that. Totally.

The three girls laughed, and once they stopped, they started planning for how they where going to get they're revage. Pounce they were done, they went for they're post. Amelia followed Amy Rose, the one người hâm mộ girl that Sonic has his eyes...
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posted by ameliarose2002
HELLO EVERYONE! Last chapter Amelia and Hex tired a new way to became bontie hunters, but failed. But Sonic and Knuckles are fighting Amelia and Hex! Will Amelia save Hex for Knuckles' grasp, hoặc fail? Found out in this chapter?!

Hex fell out of Knuckles' hand, and held Amelia.

Hex: Let's go!

Amelia: Right!

Hex starts her wings up and flies with Amelia in her hands, but knuckles cakes gliding at them, and punches the two girls to the ground.

Hex screamed in plan, her boobs hurting. Amelia gets up and sees that Hex is hurt, and get mad at Knuckles. Amelia turns to Knuckles, that just landed.

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posted by ameliarose2002
Last chapter, Amelia was running away from Sonic, why? Just read the last Chapter.

Amelia tired her best to not make a sound but when she heard Sonic run past, she berthed "thank Aurora", but thanks to her breath, Sonic did find Amelia.

Sonic: Find you, bitch!

Amelia: And when did Sonic the con chuột use sear words?

Sonic relisd what he did, and tried not to give in, but did.

Sonic: Fine! bạn win this round! *runs off*

Amelia stoud there, with an idea coming to her mind. Amelia run as fast as she could, panting to Hex.

Hex: Amelia?! *worried* What happened to you?

Amelia: Don't worry, I have an idea! *pants*...
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posted by ameliarose2002
HELLO EVERYONE! Last Chapter Amelia and Hex got a new home, and are now bon tie hunters. Lets see what they are going to do, shall we?

Amelia and Hex walked into the city. It was night, but lights where on.

Amelia: Perfect. *smiled evily* Now, the bank.

Amelia walked to the nearest bank, however, on the way, someone was watching them. Amelia and Hex got on the roof of the bank.

Amelia: bạn watch, I go and get them, k?

Hex: KK

Amelia jumped into the bank bạn and took a bag with her while Hex watched. After a while, Amelia came back onto the roof and held a bag of money.

Hex: Time for part 2, right?...
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posted by ameliarose2002
HELLO EVERYONE! I hoped bạn liked the first chapter, and hopefully this one as well. :)

Amelia: Oh please sir, *begged* don't let my family find me. They would hurt me, like they did before, but worse!

Hex: And my cousin threw me out the door, I can't go back, she would try again!

Mogul tried not to give in, but two girls at a young age wanting not to go trang chủ was new to him. He then had and idea.

Mogul: I will not take bạn to your old homes, but bạn NEW home.

Amelia and Hex where confused.

Amelia: New home?!

Mogul: Yes, bạn will live with me. I know this sounds rashed, but I have no other choose!...
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posted by ameliarose2002
HELLO EVERYONE! I hope your ngày is going well! This story will be taking please in the Sonic the Hedgehog classic video games and modern video games universe. I do hope bạn like this. HAVE A GOOD DAY!

[We are in the classic Sonic video games time right now, sonic was 12 years old]

Amelia with her màu hồng, hồng quills and her forest Green eyes, saw the brown haired and eyes Bat.

???: Uhh... Miss... Why are bạn crying?

Amelia fell to her knees.


???: Get away from who?

Amelia wiped away her tears.

Amelia: My family. My family have been hurting me even before...
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posted by ameliarose2002
If bạn do not know, I am a Earth Pony, and a Cat. But why am I these two?
Why am I a earth ngựa con, ngựa, pony is kinda crazy, but my fav ponys are táo, apple Jake and Pinkie Pie. And yet I should be a unicorn, I'm not. What is with my cute mark? Its subpost to mean that I tình yêu that night, and that I wish on my wishing star,
Why am I a cat? Essay! I tình yêu cats, and my family's fav animal is cats.
Now I have some thing to tell ya all.
Wizard 101, has dr who in it!
I'm planing on putting up some like but dorky comics up randomly.
And last of all. I'm gonna try to post some các bức ảnh with âm nhạc in the back ground. I don't know how'll it go, buy i hop it works.
posted by ameliarose2002
Team Strong: Part 2: Bat Cave

Rouge: I can't believe bạn lied to THEM!
Hex: Please, it's hard enough to make bạn do something for us anyways.
Amelia: And we are trying to get away from the Bat Lord our-selfs, plus, team chaotix will be looking for the Bat Lord anyway, that will be in the Bat Cave, that we know that is ditched, so we will see them again, and that WILL make them work with us. Hehehe.
A week later. With Team Chaotix.
Julie-Su: I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! THEY LIED TO US! Huh, like Rouge does.
Mighty: Oh come one Su! I know Amelia. She just wanted us to be here, to do SOMETHING with her. Properly...
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Team Strong: Part 1: How did bạn guys meet?

Sorry for the long wait guys... Here it is.

It was another Annie, Amelia and Hex vs Savannah, Savanna and Jessica. OF COUSE everyone saw it, again. The girls school was going to visit the boy school.
Savannah: Don't bạn get in my way for getting a boyfriend, Annie! *Talking to Annie*
Annie: Maybe bạn can BACK OFF! I don't want a boyfriend, and if I do, then it will be a boy that is nice, not hot! *Walks off*
Savannah: We'll see about that! *Looks at Savanna&Jessica*
Savannah&Savanna&Jessica: *Evil smile*
With Amelia&Annie&Hex.
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I'm going to be Busy Christmas, the last ngày of the year, and new year, so I'll be posting the three các bức ảnh earlier.
The Story of Team Storng is still on the way, I do hope I can use your FC/OC because I will be needing characters for the story.
And here are couples I love, like, dislike and hate.

Couples I love, like, dislike, and hate.

The only reason I'm doing this, is because a sonic người hâm mộ is saying that SonAmy is not going to happen. So, I'm going to have Silver, Shadow, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles for who I love, like, dislike, and hate them with, and write my reason why.


Silver: Blaze:
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posted by ameliarose2002
Today at school, it was the last day.
1: Savanna was on holidays, Jessica doesn't like Savannah anymore, so, Savannah was bởi her-self today. Now she knows how it is to have no friends!
2: I already miss everyone in my class, all my teachers and all my những người hâm mộ at my school.
And 3: Even that Savannah is my enamy, I acted nice to her today, she acted 1 out of 100 nice back to me. But I still am happy that she knows that I'll still be here for her even if she hates me so much that she wants me to live on Mars.

Marry Chrismas all. :)
To SonAmy worshipers and to Sally haters!

I've met SonSal những người hâm mộ that like Amy, and I've met SonAmy những người hâm mộ that like Sally, but CAME ON! Sonic and Amy will NOT get married!

My theory:

Sonic will dump Sally, and ngày Amy. After a long time, Amy will get over Sonic, and dump him, and go to Shadow. Shadow and Amy will get married! Sonic will fool in tình yêu with Sally all over again, and marry her!

Gosh! Why don't bạn people use your brain for once! Oh, and Rouge only flights with Knuckles so she can get the master emerald! GET OVER YOUR-SELFS!
posted by ameliarose2002
The Disco! How to talk to a girl?

K, so, I had to go to this năm _ disco. It was so wired, because 6 guys asked me to dance. But only one got the Final pass. It all start with a good question. So, I have the hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 các câu hỏi bạn should ask a girl first!

5: "Would bạn like to dance?" This will hiển thị the girl bạn are talking to that bạn like like her in that way, if she says no, try to go deeper into a Conversation.

4: "Can bạn meet my friends?" hoặc "Can I meet your friends?" This will let bạn start a good relationship with the girl's Những người bạn to became your friend hoặc the girl to became your friends...
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posted by ameliarose2002
Sonic Boom episode 3 to 4 reviews:

Sonic Boom episode 3:

AHH!!! ITS NOW SO GOOD! So much SonAmy. So, Sonic saves Amy, then...
Robot: I care about your well being.
Amy: Aww...
And Sonic just runs off. YAY! SonAmy in Sonic a Boom people!

8 out of 10

Sonic Boom episode 4:

Kinda lam...

2 out of 10

Both together : 10 out of 20

Right now for Sonic Boom : 17 out of 40


I don't know, it need work, but I don't know what... <:(

Thank bạn all. Now I need to watch other people's reviews now.
posted by ameliarose2002
Sonic Boom episode 1 review

I'm sorry, but I can't stand it. I just can't. There was a god joke in there, but wasn't that funny. And the Amy thing, funny as.

3 out of 10

Sonic Boom episode 2 review

It had funny moments, but still, I could not stand it.

4 out of 10


7 out of 20


If I could make this thêm interesting, for episode 1, I would have liked to know how Amy, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles met Sticks. SERIOUSLY! We don't know how Amy, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all met Sticks. If its that Amy met Sticks, and introduced Sticks to Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, but they still need a episode foe cuốc đất, hoe Amy, Sonic and Sticks met. Besides from that, I haven't seen any SonAmy bits get, SonAmy will be cannon, but we can't I see any SonAmy buts get!?!

Thank bạn all wasting your time for đọc this...
Sonic characters. When did they die they HIAR a different COLOUR! That us what recolours are! But I took this a different path once. Maybe that the người hâm mộ can't think of a idea of a người hâm mộ character, so that may be the reson, but after a long time, I found something. Some one had đã đăng a Answer to question, where he đã đưa ý kiến that most of the những người hâm mộ that recolour a sonic character, they do it ON PURPOSE! They don't like Amy, but recolour her so she looks better, then call Amy a DIFFERENT NAME! WHAT THE HECK!?! I then watched Sonic shorts, hoặc something, and saw this is kinda stilling. But after a LONG time,...
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posted by ameliarose2002
Amelia Rose: The Tails Doll

This story doesn't really have much to do with the Tails Doll, but the Tails Doll has a part in it.

Amelia Rose: The Tails Doll

It was a nice day. The sky was bluer then the sea. The wind was fine. All my ngày needed was Mighty to see me, and have a nice ngày with him. Talking about all this about the world. About how we where going. And it would have ended with Mighty and I having a tickle fight. But of course, I was stuck in my room, doing my work. Mighty was on Angel island. If only I could see him...
TV: Breaking news! A giant two tailed teddy is coming our way! The...
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10: ScouRosy. Yet Rosy wants to kill Scourge, I found it very funny. Still, I'm not a big người hâm mộ of it. I just think it's funny.

9: Snivly & The Icone Queen. THEY ARE CUTE! GET EVER IT!

8: ShardNicole. Even if they are a type of robot, they are still a cute couple.

7: KnuxSu. No one really likes Julie-Su, BUT I DO! I think Su is one of the best Sonic characters...
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Ask the Sonic heroes: Episode 1:
Ask the Sonic heroes: Episode 2:
Ask the Sonic heroes: Episode 3:
Ask the Sonic heroes: Episode 4:
Ask the Sonic heroes: Episode 5:
Ask the Sonic heroes: Episode 6:
Ask the Sonic heroes: Episode 7:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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