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posted by irmafan
 Tuomas Seppälä
Tuomas Seppälä
Tuomas Seppälä - keyboards & guitar

Tuomas is the man behind the âm nhạc of Amberian Dawn. He composes all âm nhạc for AD which he founded together with a longtime band mate Tommi Kuri in the summer of 2006. In the beginning, đàn ghi ta, guitar was his main instrument but for the third album Tuomas changed his main instrument from đàn ghi ta, guitar to keyboards.

Heidi Parviainen - vocals

Heidi is the original vocalist of AD. She writes all the lyrics for Amberian Dawn. Heidi is a classical soprano singer and she has been a crucial part of the band since its earliest incarnation.

Kasperi Heikkinen - guitar

Kasperi joined...
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