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 Kate and Lilly with a wierd chó sói, sói
tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ
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Hello everyone. This is a story I've been meaning to do. It might be long hoặc short. Either way.

1 năm after the wedding.

Humphrey was running. He looked over his shoulder. It was getting closer. He turned and jumped over a stump. He heard twigs snapping behind him. He ran into a plain. I form then tackled him. He looked up into a pair of hazel eyes.

"I got you, Humphrey!" Kate đã đưa ý kiến staring down at her mate. Humphrey laughed and nuzzled her nose. Kate returned the nuzzle with enthuisiasm.

"I tình yêu you, Kate." He said. Kate giggled and got off him.

"I tình yêu bạn too, Humphrey." Kate replied. They...
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 image for the first part outside steles lều, cabin
image for the first part outside steles cabin
~ outside steele's master cabin~ Jenna sits looking in while steele is laying inside the warm cabin.
Jenna: Lucky steele that could be me laying tiếp theo to him
Balto: what do bạn mean jenna

Jenna: Ahh! Balto bạn scared me and it means nothing
its just i like steele in a way

Balto: Balto: jenna i have to admit that i tình yêu bạn

Jenna: Jenna: balto i know but i have feelings for steele

Balto: don't bạn realize we've known each other for thêm that a năm and you've only known steele a tháng we know each other jenna we should be together

Balto begins to walk away depressed and keeps walking leaving Jenna...
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I'm back from vacation. Here we go.

The Den
Kate,Garth, and Lilly looked at the Pure silver chó sói, sói stading before them. Kate was just staring.Humphrey then turned back to normal.
"Kate I'm what they call a sage wolf. We are a different kind of chó sói, sói then the rest of you. We can like control element's and can sense other's around us. But the sad thing is that I was the last one left. Now our pups and bạn can become like me. Would bạn want to?" Humphrey asked them. Kate just looked down and they saw tears coming down.
"Why did bạn not tell me?" She asked. Humphrey looked down.
"It was one of the best...
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The Người sói all gathered around Tony's den, Garth had dragged his body out for everyone to see. Several sobs and sniffs were herd through the crowd. Garth pointed his nose to the sky and let out a deep sorrowful howl. The rest of the Người sói followed suit and the whole valley was filled with the beautiful song of mournful howling. Humphrey looked at Tony, the greatest Alpha he had and would ever meet. He had been like a fatherly figure to him in the past months, now gone forever.

Using two hollowed out logs they made a coffin for him and dug a hole and placed it in there. Golden light streamed...
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"Aww, come on, Runt! We were only teasing," đã đưa ý kiến Claudette. "I don't care!" Runt hated always being teased bởi his siblings about being only younger bởi two minutes. Hated it. This time he was done with it.

So, in response to this time, he ran away up into the forest until he got tired, then climbed up the closest tree. He waited there, expecting his brother and sister to follow. Typical. They didn't. "Great. Now i'm lost." He đã đưa ý kiến as he saw a bunch of caribou run through the forest, going the opposite direction from where he came, smothering his scent trail. Not that he even had much of a...
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