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 farting contest!
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Time had aged the omega and trauma made him wise. Stress had long since turned his dark face grey, and the adventures of his youth had deteriorated his joints to arthritic pins. Claudette ran the pack now. Nobody had seen Stinky in years after the tragic falling out he and Humphrey had in his teens. Humphrey blamed himself for this, but hope led him blindly to believe that he was still alive and well in some other part of the world, and even thêm blindly, that someday he would come back. He wished so dearly to apologize to him and make things right once more, but in the back of his mind, he...
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A short Alpha and omega YTP
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Alpha và Omega
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it is a nice night at Jasber park.

at the moonlight howl Humphrey was all alone because Kate went with garth and howl together.
(Humphrey) why all of bạn alphas hate me for a reason. than claws says something mean.

claws) BECAUSE ALPHAS AND DELTAS Người sói can't not feel in tình yêu with an OMEGA she said.

HUMPHREY) well how come I make bạn smile than
CLAW) because its funny to see an omega to be kick in the face.

SCAR) ha ha my mate is right because omegas are weak and cannot fight he said.

Humphrey kick scar in the face and lots of blood come out his nose.

CLAWs) grrr I will hurt bạn for that.

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words are filling up, like endless rain into a paper cup...