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 farting contest!
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Here's Resolution Part 2. xin chào anyone wanna send OC's for my future fanfiction? Also just hit 3000 các lượt xem on . Oh just to add, Fleet's the only one in his family who's come to terms with his mom's death. If any guys want bạn can make a story about it. If bạn want to make this Chapter thêm dramatic, listen to Living with Determination from Persona 3. Not the Iwatodai Dorm version.

Magril's POV

The seven of us finally arrived at the Western Pack as we saw Runt, Stinky, and Claudette in the valley. "Hey guys," we heard Agnes yell to them. They turned around and smiled at the sight of us. "Oh hey,"...
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here u r willemert i finished it for bạn
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