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Chapter One: The Additions.

Walking back to their own den Claudette noticed Stinky/Smokey could not look forward. All he thought about was Fleet.

“When are bạn two going to get over each other?”

Claudette,” Stinky began. “Don’t even start.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll deal with bạn much later. For now, let’s just see what Mom and Dad are talking about.”

Claudette and Stinky went through the den, and the first thing they passed was a young Omega chó sói, sói laying down and sleeping. Muttering strange things as he exhaled.

Claudette giggled as she and Stinky observed the sleeping...
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i know this isn't A&O related, but i thought i'd share this video with y'all
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Source: Screenshots taken from Dark Reindeer's review