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 Winston: No megusta
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Source: some alpha and omega người hâm mộ at teh người hâm mộ club LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại
Winston no gusta
bức ảnh
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đường phố, street Fighter (Dubstep Remix, hoặc the dubstep rap version) - Antoine Levanant

The tiếp theo Big Thing - Throttle

Ideekay - Ephixa

To the Stars - Braken

Emergency - Pegboard Nerds

Bangarang - Skrillex Ft. Sirah

Crossroad - Au5 Ft. Danyka Nadeau

Jumble - Deficio Remix

Better world - Direct and Labische

Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds

Dance to it - Tut Tut Child

Seduction - Varien

Energy Drink - Virtual Riot

Time Bomb - Feint

Follow bạn - Au5 (Beware, sexual wording is existant)

Outside - Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding

Here it Comes - Pegboard Nerds

I remember - Tristam (My personal favorite, could sing the whole song...
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Source: Lionsgate
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check out this funny little FNaF animated short bởi iHasCupQuake P.S: i liked how they gave Bonnie and Freddy really awesome designs. i mean, they both look bad đít, mông, ass LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại



Before anyone đã đưa ý kiến anything, yes I'm wwwarea. I'm just using this account for now. Not sure why, but I think it's for the better for this. Since I don't want my gaming name on here much anymore.
It is better to remain as a separated society anyway.

It is quite possible that I could of handled the hatred from sanman7's bài viết better. The way I react on walls sometimes and such...
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It was midnight, which was way past Claudette's bedtime. She wanted to know what the voices were, the one that kept her up at night. She had to find out. Every night, there were voices coming from outside, down the hill, and bởi the pond.

But as she crept closer, the voices halted, as she stepped on a twig. "What was that?" one of them asked. "I don't know. Sounds like... a pup maybe?" the other asked.

"Oh no..." Claudette gasped.

"Ah ha! It is a pup! A female! Get her!" ordered one, jumping out of the bushes, grabbing her bởi the scruff.

"Ah! Let.. me... go!" she yelled.

"Sorry. Can't do that....
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It was noon. Claudette was sitting down tiếp theo to her to brothers, Runt and Stinky, along with her friend, Ares. He was sitting tiếp theo to her, and was looking down. Her brothers were playing tiếp theo to the water of the pond.

"Hey.. um... Claudette? I've gotta go... again. I'm sorry I've been leaving so much lately." apologized Ares.

"Um... okay. It's okay. Where do bạn keep going though?" she asked.

"Uh... It's a secret. Sorry. Please don't follow me though, okay?" he said.

She looked at him. "Fine. I won't." she promised.

She watched him go, and decided she would follow him anyway. Where did he...
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Alpha và Omega
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my original A&O 2 ending video had problems with the lip syncing so i decided to re-upload it (i still have the original video up in my channel though lol)
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okay, it's official: thanks to the smash hit Alpha and Omega 4: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave, the A&O franchise is back on track! but i'm pretty sad to say that it's probably gonna end soon, cause i'm hearing rumors around the internet that Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation is the last one in the franchise. if that's the case, i want this movie to be so much thêm than your typical road trip hoặc family vacation-type scenario. but what i really wanna see in this probably last movie, is a backstory of Humphrey. we're four phim chiếu rạp into this awesome franchise, it's sadly almost over, but...
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Later after breakfast Me and Sophie play hide and seek
Sophie: I'm it so bạn better Start counting
I count to 20 And after that I try to find her suddenly I bump
into Hukan who was my best friend until he hates me
John:Well well isn't it Jason my old friend.
Me:What do bạn want Hukan?
Hukan: I wanna to kill you!
We both start to fight and I defeated Hukan who ran away scared.
I found Sophie come out amaze at me.
Sophie: Wow bạn are amazing.
Me:Thanks Sop.
Sophie: Your welcome.
As we returned Rose and Shade replied wow bạn defeated Hukan
Shade:Our child is amazing.
Me:Thanks guys.
well since almost everybody here despises this movie with a passion, it's pretty obvious this video's gonna get a lotta thumbs down. but anyway, enjoy!
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Here's Chapter 2 bạn guys. Enjoy.


As he opened his eyes, Nars found himself in an all too familiar setting. The void of whiteness.

"This place again," Nars said.

"It seems you've surprised me Nars," Nars jumped at the elderly she chó sói, sói appearing behind him.

"What the hell, don't do scare me like that," Nars as he breathed heavily.

"My apologies, I didn't mean to startle you," the she chó sói, sói said.

"Look what do bạn want? I already apologized to Daria and made up with Floyd," Nars said.

"I did not come here to ask bạn for a favor," the she chó sói, sói said. "Only to thank bạn for admitting your faults to Daria...
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Alpha và Omega
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Source: A friend of mine who took these screenshots for me.
 The family getting ready for a night of sleep.
The family getting ready for a night of sleep.
September 2010- Alpha And Omega AWESOME

October 2013- Alpha And Omega 2 EHHH... IT'S OK

March 2014- Alpha And Omega 3 WTF?!

September 2014- Alpha And Omega 4 OH... MY... THERE IS A GOD!

Alpha And Omega 4: Legend Of Sawtooth Cave fixes a lot of the mistakes done in the first sequels as well as very nearly improving upon the original. Not saying that the original wasn't the best of the series because it still is but the way that the fourth film was written was just unbelievable, plus the phim hoạt hình was near spot-on to the original's and the new characters were actually likable. The original characters...
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