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 How Sexy Do ya'll think kate is?
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What ys'll think of Kate man She looks Hot and Sexy i'd mate with her with those Clothers she got on
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
It was later in the evening and Humphrey and me were at the thư viện scanning the shelves for books. Suddenly Humphrey stopped and looked threw the shelve and gave a little whistle. I looked at him suspiciously. "What do bạn see?" He was still starring threw the shelve and wagging his tail very fast when he replied. "A veeerrrryyyy nice boook!!" I looked at him causally, "Hm, ok." But then I quickly walked to the end of the isle and peered into the one that Humphrey was starring into. And then to my surprise I saw a very very beautiful young girl that had her back turned to humphrey. She was...
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Alright, some of bạn know me pretty well from the time that I spend on this website and club. I write stories, post a lot of pictures, and almost always post on the wall. I have plenty of respect for a lot of the people that use this club, and I apologize if I offend anyone from making this, but I must go ahead and warn some of bạn that this will most likely piss bạn off. bạn have been warned so don't come spamming me.

Recently I have been going on the câu hỏi and answer thingies. Well I have found các câu hỏi that ask how Kate is an alpha and Lilly is an omega and their parents are alphas. Most...
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posted by mattwolf199
After they finished talking humphrey said"matt bạn cant stay hear but kate will find u a den u can stay in" "shure" i replide when me and kate were looking fore a den i came acrose a relitvily big one i climed in side "this will do"i đã đưa ý kiến all ov a suden iheard a súng trường crack and a trickle of blood rain down my cheek kate aparntle was shot in the shoulder as i grabe her limp body i feer the worst the súng trường man was look ing fore his prise when i jumped out of the bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush andbtackeld him he floung me offhis back i grabd his súng trường and shoot him in the leg then i ponted the gun at his head the man said"who...
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posted by lonehumphrey
okay since im doing two sreies at the same time im gonna do svaing her one ngày and the fake life the other so on and on but please enjoy

it was 59 degress out in canada and it was a normal ngày for the jasperpark animal obsever nathan but what he didnt know was today was going to change his life forever.
" xin chào nathan can bạn check the chó sói, sói pack d again theres somthing going on " his boss asked. " okay be right back " he answered.
after about twenty he got to the eastern territory checking out to see whats wrong.then nathan hid behind a bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush observing the pack. " xin chào boss theres nothing wrong...
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Hello furry Những người bạn hope bạn enjoy please bình luận and người hâm mộ but enjoy

When Nathan woke up he felt that his hands were sticky with something then he remembered ( oh yeah I tryed to save Jon's life and kicked the packs butt untill I got trampled)
Nathan tryed to get up but he couldn't. When he was able to look at his hands he saw he was tied up in vines. " crap" he đã đưa ý kiến softly. " oh I see your awake " eve said. With Kate Humphrey and hutch tiếp theo to her.
" bạn know Nathan bạn are really getting on my nerves " she said. " not the first person for that to happen "Nathan told her with a fake hint of...
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posted by tony_wolf
as i was falling from the ground garth jumped down to try and save me and we both fell down big hole's and ended up in a river lucily we were alive but garth acidently pushed me out on to the road and i got hit bởi a car then garth woke me up zand told me he hade bought 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 sweets and i fainted when i found out it was true
we both shared some and then lilly come to pick garth up and he đã đưa ý kiến the sweet's were not for me!!!!!! i walked to the cửa hàng and bought 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sweets
posted by KateLillyWolfy
The tiếp theo morning, Lilly called Kate, but she had no answer. She was worried so she went to their house. Garth was hunting, so he could not come with her. When Lilly knocked on the front door, it was open. All of a sudden Lilly felt something grab her. She looked behind her, and nothing was there. She was scared to the point of were she wanted to just run, but she couldn't, she kept at it for the sake of her family. She opened the door to be greeted bởi an ominous wind. It blew her lông, lông thú back it was so strong. When she want inside, she kept calling "Kate...Humphrey...Are bạn okay?". Then she felt...
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posted by KateLillyWolfy
It was a warm cozy evening, Kate and Humphrey were already in bed. Every thing was well, for a little while. They had their door locked and all of sudden the door was shaking. Kate stirred and then woke up. She saw the door, and freaked out. She woke Humphrey to take a look. He went to the door, shaking with a butcher dao, con dao he always kept in his drawer, Kate heard someone calling her name, and began to cry. Humphrey approached his door, his tim, trái tim pounding, wanting to cry, but before he could open it the door opened bởi itself.
Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Fall of 2011 Chapter 7. Part 2 of 2. “The bò rừng, bò rừng bizon are leaving!”

Back at the dens Humphrey was trying to cheer up 2 chó sói, sói pups, while breaking up a fight between the pup's parents. They yelled back and forth for a while until they got tired of Humphrey breaking them up. When Janice and Reba walked up to the omega's dens, Shakey đã đưa ý kiến high to Janice, who has been his mate for several months now. After lunch, Kate ordered a meeting with the alphas telling them the bò rừng, bò rừng bizon are now migrating. Most of the alphas already knew about the bison, as others were shocked to hear...
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Okay, people, I know that this isn't A&O, but at what happened here, I figured that it's better that I post this. It's something that I cribbled at my cellphone this afternoon, it's a short story about a không gian mission in my world, hope bạn enjoy.

The Soviet không gian mission Okha 2 is without a doubt the most futile không gian mission ever. Launched on November 19, 1965, the meaning of this mission was to investigate the upper atmosphere and to investigate live in longer periods in space. The scheduled flight time would be two weeks, and it was al in name of celebration of the 50th birthday of the...
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posted by VengeanceWolf
I stood there in shocked silence, gaping at what was taking place in front of me. I glanced to my right and saw Ronna's brothers, Armstrong and Lerbo, standing there with stupid grins on their faces.
They were all cheering me as I exited the cave.
"Lerbo, what is going on?" I growled, this sorta had me uptight, just shake it off and di chuyển on, I thought to myself.
The taller, thêm muscled chó sói, sói stepped phía trước, chuyển tiếp and attempted to keep his smile under control.
"Im sorry sir, but the look on your face was great."
He grined again
"So what is going on?"
"Well, when bạn sent Blake out, he told them to...
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thats when it all happened. garth had betrayed the pack. he was last seen choking his father and he dropped him and walked away. he thought ;now I can live my own life. he then walked over to kates grave and said; may the lord be with you. ;you were one of the few people who journeyed into the howling dark,.. and never returned. he did the vượt qua, cross .on the grave and đã đưa ý kiến ;ill never forget you. the tiếp theo morning eve awoke the pack had gathered around something she couldnt see very well. she walked down from her and winstons den. she went to the crowd and pushed through. what she saw almost made...
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