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This Alpha và Omega bức ảnh might contain cổ xe, xe cổ, xe hơi cổ, tự động đua xe, and đua xe.

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Here is a quick recap before we jump into the main story, just to fill bạn in on all the events that have happened since my last chapter (LWKK part 7) in a nutshell;
My pups have been born healthy and completely normal in every way! Kate and Katie were and still are very protective, just not overprotective anymore. Chris (Xero_Pyramid206) came up with a remedy to speed up their growth to 5 months old. So about a week after Jon Jr. and LaDonna were born, I confronted him about it with the news that both Kate and Katie had được trao full permission to get the procedure done.
All it consisted of was...
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The ngày was young and the air was cool. I always tình yêu to walk through the woods near my house. Its about a 4 mile trail.I was about 3 miles in when I heard rustling in the bushes to my side. I heard whatever it was walk away so I decided to follow the noise. When I got down to a riverside trail I saw her for the first time. A beutiful looking wolf. Light blonde lông, lông thú and blue eyes. I walked down to the river pretending like I didnt see her.

"Holy Shit!!" She đã đưa ý kiến as I came out of the trees.
"Sorry if I scared bạn I was just............wait did bạn just talk?" And now I was freaked out. I then...
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It was a fine ngày in jasper not a peep not even a hoot from a owl it was silent too silent

“Sarah im worried”I say shaking sarah
“Don’t worry honey”she says
I Look at my IHowl
“5AM”I Say
I slowly start to sleep but then I hear a low growling and a gurgling sound
“What the hell”i say walking outside
Then i saw it was a chó sói, sói with skin peeling off it had eyes that were on fire
“Holy!”i say getting cut off bởi cando who was attacking the zombie wolf
The chó sói, sói was gaining strength then it ignited in to a fury of flames...
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Chapter 7: Fight for the Valley

The battle raged on, chó sói, sói against wolf, with no end in sight. Kate and Humphrey were fighting together, making sure to never leave the other alone when Kate was suddenly pounced on bởi a Rouge Wolf. Humphrey rushed to her side and helped her to fight off the attacker. Kate had a minor cut on the side of her neck, but it wasn't too bad.

"Kate," Humphrey đã đưa ý kiến to her, pausing to ward off another wolf. "I don't know how much longer we can go on."

"Well what do bạn propose we do?" Garth asked as he approached them.

"We need to take out their leader," Humphrey said, looking...
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Hope bạn Enjoy ;)