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 Demotivational Humphrey 5
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tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ
Người sói
chó sói, sói
Princess is hunting for herself when she Bump into someone.then she hear a she look up she recognize the wolf.
Princess: Runt?
Runt: Princess?
Claudette: Runt Who is this?
Runt: Claudette , Stinky Mom and dad this is Princess.
Kate: So Youre the one Look after our son aren't ya?
Princess: Yes and bạn must be Kate.
Kate: Yep that's me.
Humphrey: Hope he doesn't cause any trouble
Princess: Not at All I l like him a lot I've also left the pack.
Humphrey: Well bạn can stay with us.
Princess: Really?
Kate: Yeah.
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We all know Kate. Big, tough, lovable, kind, brave, well, almost. There is one thing Kate is afraid of.......water. She can't swim and she was involved in a traumatizing accident. Well, Hutch can change all of that.

Kate had been afraid of water ever since the accident, and accident she would remember, and haunt her for the rest of her life. She was walking alone on a hunt with Hutch. It was winter and they decided to vượt qua, cross over a Nữ hoàng băng giá lake. Hutch đã đưa ý kiến the ice was thin in some areas and warned Kate to be careful. Kate, who was ahead did not even have time to respond. She fell through and...
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my 3rd A&O video i uploaded in my YouTube it's kinda boring, but i did my best (actually i spent 4 hours on it O_O) hope bạn guys like it :)
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I really need to see if Just a Pancake will make one XD So many "Ok I believe yous" XD
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