(Movie starts out at the den. Everyone is there, Kate, Humphrey, the pups, and Garth and Lilly. It's Father's ngày and Winston and Eve and Tony will soon be arriving. Humphrey is watching the pups to make sure they don't get into trouble.)
Kate: Humphrey, could bạn and Lilly help me finish up Dad's gift? I want it to be perfect.
Humphrey: But Kate, what about the pups?
(Marcel and Paddy arrive.)
Marcel: That is where we come in.
Kate: Marcel, Paddy!
Humphrey: Guys, we're so glad bạn could make it.
(Marcel and Paddy look around the den.)
Paddy: Well, it looks like everyone's here.
Marcel: Paddy, please. They're all here.
Lilly: And just in time. They'll be here any minute.
Kate: Which is why we need to hurry up and get this done.
(She motions to Winston's gift. (I need help figuring out what it should be.))
Kate:(to Marcel and Paddy) Would bạn mind watching the pups while Humphrey helps me with this?
Marcel: Of course.
(Not much time passes until Winston and the others hiển thị up. Kate and Humphrey quickly di chuyển Winston's gift out of view.)
Kate: Happy Father's Day, Dad. We made something for you.
(They di chuyển the gift out of hiding.)
Winston: Oh, Kate it's beautiful. Thank you.
Runt: So, Dad?
Humphrey: Yes, son?
Runt: Aren't bạn going to visit grandpa today?
Humphrey: Runt, what are bạn talking about? He's right here.
Runt: No, I mean my other grandpa. bạn know, your dad.
(Humphrey gets this troubled look in his eyes, but no one notices it at first.)
Stinky: Yeah, bạn never talk about your parents.
(Humphrey remains silent, and the troubled look continues. It becomes apparent that something is troubling him.)
Kate: Humphrey?
(Humphrey remains silent, and then the movie switches over to what he's thinking about. Flashbacks. Quick flashbacks of his very early puphood. bạn know, where there's multiple flashbacks and they're each only like half a một giây long? Short shouts from a much younger Humphrey are heard as quick flashes (so quick bạn can only make out the form of two wolves) of his parents accompany the screams. (I told you, I like to write deep, dark, sequels to happy kids movies.))

(Fast phía trước, chuyển tiếp to end of movie(maybe) where Humphrey is having flashbacks, but this time they're thêm clear now because he knows what happened to his parents(even though I don't (another thing I need massive help figuring out)). It's telling the story now of his early puphood. He's walking through the woods of Jasper, all alone as a very young orphan pup and all of a sudden, two Người sói appear. They are Cando and Hutch and they're out on patrol. They see a young pup whom they don't recognize as part of either pack and decide to take him to Winston, where he meets a young Kate.)

(I was also thinking for the climax, something along the lines of Humphrey getting shot bởi humans, and he becomes gravely injured. That phiếu bầu where it asks, "Who would have a harder time taking care of the other, if the other was seriously injured? Kate, hoặc Humphrey?" And I thought, "What if, Humphrey was gravely injured, and almost dies?" Then I thought, "What if the flashbacks that he has at the beginning, were like his memory of witnessing something terrible happen to his parents, done bởi humans. And then in the climax, it's sort of like a deja vu sort of thing, but instead, it's one of the pups witnessing the same thing happening to their father that Humphrey saw happen to his parents? I know it sounds a little confusing, but that's the best I can describe it. So, say Humphrey remembers seeing something happen to his parents. Then, in the climax, one of the pups sees that same thing, now happening to Humphrey. Let me know if you're still confused.)

(I got the idea for Humphrey to have been relocated as a pup and then his parents maybe die looking for him. Also, this was not my idea. All credit for this idea goes to jhilton0907.)

(Also, maybe there's another pack that hunts down Humphrey for some (as of right now) unknown reason. And he has some secret in his past with this pack. Also not my idea. Credit goes to jhilton0907.)

(I was thinking for Humphrey being shot: him and Kate are trapped in cages bởi the humans that try to relocate their pups. The pups call out for help, Humphrey breaks out of the cage and attacks one of the humans, the other one grabs a gun and shoots Humphrey in the side. Now that he's injured, Kate gets free and helps Humphrey and they chase the humans away. Back at the den, Kate is treating Humphrey's wound the best she can while Humphrey reflects back on all that he's learned about his parents. That's when we see the complete story in flashback version.)

But that's pretty much it. I'm going to need a lot of help with this, guys. The names of his parents, the tiêu đề of the movie, a lot of plot detail, and of course some dialogue. Remember, think sad and dark. Get back to me as soon as bạn can with anything that bạn think of.
This is the best picture I could find of how I imagined Humphrey to look when he's having his flashbacks. Just completley shocked.
hoặc maybe he looks like this. This definately looks thêm troubled.