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posted by lonewolf8547
 Angel chó sói, sói in the moonlight
Angel Wolf in the moonlight
Another sleepless i pull my pathetic body off the ground of my den. Its hard being a chó sói, sói with a keen sense of smell, when ever smell just reminds me of memories. The Good and the bad. My chest ached and burned from the strong aroma of alcohol and shame. I dragged my feet to the opening of my den and watched the sun set over the horizon. My stomach twisted and turned with the mixed ingredients of sorrow.

I stumbled and tripped trying to stay on my paws as i made my way to the lake to sober my tình yêu drunk tim, trái tim and mind. I finally stumbled at the bank of the lake splashing water all over my dark brown fur. I pulled my wet body off the ground and started to drink from the lake as my legs wobbled like a new born deer trying to stand for the first time. As i drank from the lake i noticed a monster in the reflection of the water. I swung my body around falling back on my side looking for a monster. But to my surprise nothing was there. I picked myself back up a một giây time and looked back into the reflection of the water mirror before me. I looked into the dark brown abyss that is the monsters eyes. As i looked long and hard i finally realized that the monster was me. Out of Sadness and rage I hit the water mirror shattering it into hundreds of little ripples.

Right before I could do it again i noticed a shadow out of the corner of my eye. Curious to see what it was i walked over to a big bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush and hid in it. I looked through the bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush to see a Angel shine in the light of the full moon. The Angel amazed my eyes with her flawless silhouette and beauty. But pain filled my tim, trái tim as memories of the Angel rushed through my brain. My tim, trái tim and brain fought over whether i should walk over hoặc not, but before one of them could win the battle. Another huge shadow approached from behind. As the figure moved out from the shadows, a Beast was relieved and sat tiếp theo to the angel.

The Angel looked to the beast and nuzzled it. The huge beast proceeded to defile the flawlessness of the angel, as it licked her neck.

With each lick and Kiss on the thiên thần body, the Angel gave out a soft moan of pleasure. I watched in shock and desperation as my tim, trái tim hit a iceberg and sank into my stomach. The beast continued to defile the angel. Making her moans louder as it moved in for the kill. The beast mounted the Angel and then started to stripe the flawlessness and pureness from her. My tim, trái tim dissolved in my stomach and my spirit began to stream out of my eyes and onto the cold harsh earth. As the beast took pleasure from the angel, Her golden moonlight glow began to die and her lông, lông thú turned into a plain golden brown. Her pureness was then tainted with the white liquid of hatred and jealousy passed down from generation to generation.

With no tim, trái tim to tình yêu with, Rage filled my body as i ran over and tried to slay the beast. The beast fought back as i striked it with my claws as the golden brown mortal watched in fear. The beast over powered me and sank its razor sharp teeth into my neck. My body dropped to the ground as the dark red blood drained from my neck and onto the cold earth. The former Angel pushed the beast away and cried over my motionless body. With my last breaths i looked up at what used to be a flawless Angel but was now nothing thêm but a beautiful golden wolf.

My eyes closed on her only to re-open in a new setting. I found myself back in my den with all the old aromas gone. The only new scent that filled the air was that of another female wolf. I rolled over to see a beautiful pure white wolf. She rolled over and looked in my eyes. Her purple eyes looked straight into the deep dark brown abyss of my eyes. I looked around for the beautiful brown chó sói, sói but she was nowhere to be seen.

"What are bạn looking for honey?"
I looked back to her and stared in her beautiful purple eyes.
"Did bạn have a nightmare dear?"

"No honey...just a memory..."
I looked down at a scar running from my neck down to my chest over my heart.

"Just a Memory of Someone I Used To Know...."
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